ISS Staff

Executive Team

President: Liz Duffy
Executive Vice President: Bruce McWilliams
Vice President, Administrative Searches: Beth Pfannl
Vice President, Asia Pacific: Charles Gregory
Vice President, School Management: Rob Ambrogi
Chief Compliance Officer: Anthony Maimone
Chief Financial Officer: Kristin Evins
ISS-ULink General Manager: Lila Leung  

Department Heads

Senior Leadership Executive, Governed Schools/Administrative Searches: David Randall
Director of Business Development, Marketing & Communications: Erin Uritus
Director of Creativity & Innovation: John Burns
Director of Curriculum & Professional Development: Laura Benson
Director of Educational Staffing: Laura Light
Director of Finance & Foundations: Deirdre Simon
Director of Human Resources: Desiree Bryant
Director of Information Technology: Malcolm Stitt
Director of School Start-up: Dick Moore
Director of School Supply/Senior Leadership Executive, Managed Schools: Keith Cincotta

Liz Duffy


Liz can think of few endeavors more significant than educating students to become thoughtful, global citizen in today’s interconnected world. Before joining ISS in July 2015 to help support this mission, she served for twelve years as Head Master of The Lawrenceville School (NJ), a 205-year-old boarding school with students and faculty from more than 40 countries and 40 states. She also previously worked for three educational foundations and led a college-based community service program. Liz majored in molecular biology at Princeton University, and later pursued master’s degrees in both education and business at Stanford University. When not leading ISS, serving on a variety of nonprofit and education boards, or mentoring school leaders, Liz enjoys reading, writing, running, traveling, design thinking, and watching her two teen-aged children play sports.

Bruce McWilliams

Executive Vice President

Bruce has a proven track record developing and opening new schools and has been an overseas teacher, principal and school head for 31 years. He has 22 years of experience in the Middle East, having founded Riffa Views International School in Bahrain, overseen the development The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, and the Vision International School in Qatar. He is the co-author of the ISS Handbook for Establishing New Overseas Schools and recipient of the European Council of International Schools’ Promotion of International Education award. Bruce has a master’s degree from The College of New Jersey. He loves living in Princeton with his wife Pats, where he enjoys cooking, online gaming and taking advantage of the Princeton arts scene.

Beth Pfannl

Vice President, Administrative Searches

Beth joins ISS with 30 years of experience in international education. She was most recently head of the American Overseas School of Rome for the past ten years, and has also been president of AAIE and the Rome International Schools Association (RISA). Beth currently serves as a trustee of The American University of Rome. She earned her doctorate from the Sorbonne in Paris, her BA from McGill University and holds a CAGS in School Administration from Rhode Island College. Fluent in Spanish, Italian and French, Beth brings a very strong international perspective to ISS. In addition to leading administrative searches, Beth runs the annual Mary Anne Haas Women’s Leadership Symposium. Based in Rome, Beth loves to travel and spend time with family.

Charles Gregory

Vice President, Asia Pacific

Charles is based in Shenzhen, Southern China. Working with governments, multinational companies, entrepreneurs, communities and individual school owners, Charles is responsible for creating, developing, supporting and evaluating international schools within the Asia Pacific region. For the past 30 years, Charles has been involved in international education. Whether in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Indonesia, Trinidad and Tobago or Kazakhstan, as head of international schools, Charles works to offer a variety of curricula models suited to the specific school populations, With International Schools Services, Charles has created and consulted with schools in South America, Europe, Africa, Australasia and Asia. Charles, who graduated with teaching qualifications from Birmingham University, enjoys playing guitar, singing, keeping fit, telling stories from his experiences gathered around the world.

Rob Ambrogi

Vice President, School Management

Rob has over thirty years of experience in international schools. He has served as a head of school in Cameroon, Liberia, Portugal, Pakistan and South Africa, and now works with ISS School Management to operate 17 international schools for companies, individuals and governments. Rob is in his tenth year with ISS and recently started schools in Republic of the Congo and Madagascar. After graduating from Cornell in 1971, Rob began his career with Teacher Corps in Lackawanna, NY, and later joined the Peace Corps in Cameroon. He earned his doctorate at the University of South Carolina. Rob enjoys photography, sleight of hand magic and ‘underhanded’ games such as bocce, horseshoes and KUBB. He also speaks West African Pidgin English and plays the nose flute beautifully.

Anthony Maimone

Chief Compliance Officer

Anthony was the Corporate Compliance Director for Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. before he joined ISS in 2009. He held various compliance positions in the financial sector since 1990, including First Vice President at UBS. Today, Anthony oversees ISS' Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management programs, which promote safety and security in global schools, and provides consulting services for school policies and school risk assessments. He is a graduate of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey and also holds a Master's degree from New Brunswick Theological Seminary. In his free time, Anthony enjoys spending time with his family, reading good books, and working on creative projects that involve his community church, including the church’s youth group, choir, and missions related programs.

Kristin Evins

Chief Financial Officer

Kristin has over 25 years of experience in accounting, financial reporting and analysis. She joined ISS in July of 2012, and as an expert in budget and financial feasibility analysis, has been heavily involved with school start-up projects. Prior to working with ISS, Kristin served as the Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Outward Bound, Inc. and had worked over 12 years in for-profit corporations in various financial positions. Kristin received her Master of Public Administration degree from the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University. Kristin has been a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uruguay, loves to bike and travel and is a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan. She currently lives in the Princeton area with her husband and two children.

Lila Leung

General Manager, ISS-ULink

Lila manages the ISS-ULink Educational Services Ltd., ISS’s join venture partnership in China. Lila founded lab schools with English immersion and dual language immersion programs for Chinese nationals. She is the creator of International Education Training Center (IETC), focused on the development of culturally inclusive professional learning programs for national and international teachers. Fluent in Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese, Lila is a language and cross-cultural expert on international curriculum design. Lila has served as classroom teacher, instructional trainer, university lecturer and director of school. She is a graduate from U.C. Berkeley and Stanford, and holds an International EMBA degree from Rutgers’ University. Lila’s passion is in design thinking.

David Randall

Senior Leadership Executive, Governed Schools/Administrative Searches

David has served in overseas schools as a teacher, principal, finance director and head of school. He has worked across 11 schools in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East, serving the last three of these as interim head of school. David earned his B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an M. Ed. and M.P.A. from the University of North Carolina. He enjoys employing his experience throughout ISS because of the high quality of colleagues and their shared vision of excellent education for students around the world. In his spare time, he enjoys travel, walking in the mountains, good food, bicycling and time with his family.

Erin Uritus

Director of Business Development, Marketing & Communications

Erin has more than 20 years of experience in communications, change management, organization development and international program management. Prior to ISS, she served with the Abu Dhabi Government’s Restructuring Program and the Management Consulting Firm, Booz Allen Hamilton. Erin holds an M.S. in Organizational Development from American University. Erin recently moved back to Washington DC to help ISS strengthen relationships with DC-based international organizations and universities. With two little girls having attended international schools and now living in a diverse US city, Erin is passionate about communicating the value of international education and connecting all audiences to the vibrant hub of ISS global educators. In her free time, Erin loves getting to know Washington DC again, and taking advantage of cool and unusual sports like Trapeze and Kickball.

John Burns

Director of Creativity & Innovation

John focuses on sparking creativity and innovation across ISS learning communities. From 2015-2017 in collaboration with ISS and Shekou International School, John worked to design and found Level 5: a space for students, educators, and the wider community to explore design thinking and innovation in education. Prior to working with ISS, John led Shekou International School’s shift to contemporary practice. He has developed apps featured in TV advertisements worldwide, and has also previously worked for Apple in assisting schools and jurisdictions with organizational change. John is a graduate of Griffith University in Australia and has taught in the UK, Australia, China and Taiwan. In his free time, he loves being with family and exploring Asia.

Laura Benson

Regional Curriculum Director

Laura helps ISS school educators develop and refine their curriculum and engage in deeper understandings of best-practice pedagogy. A well-cited scholar and researcher, Laura has published numerous articles in professional journals and is the co-author of Standards and Assessment: The Core of Quality Instruction and Bearing Witness. Laura earned degrees from Trinity University and University of Denver, and furthered her studies at Harvard University, Columbia University Teachers College, and Cambridge University. A third culture child herself, international schools fostered Laura’s passion for studying language-learning, honoring all cultures, and fighting for children’s educational opportunities around the world. In her free time, Laura enjoys spending time with family and friends, lingering in reading and writing, cooking, and expanding her love for architecture and design.

Laura Light

Director of Educational Staffing

Laura is a former educator who has spent much of her career overseas. After graduating from Clemson University in South Carolina, Laura took a position at the American School of Kuwait. Since then, most of her life has revolved around teaching at international schools, including the Carol Morgan School in the Dominican Republic, Escuela Americana in El Salvador, Singapore American School, Southbank International School in London, and the United Nations International School in New York City. Laura currently lives in Princeton with her partner, Tom. She loves to run, to be outdoors as much as she can, and to continue traveling the world. Now as Laura works at ISS to staff international schools with the very best teachers in today’s market, she feels she has found her dream job.

Deirdre Simon

Director of Finance & Foundations

Deirdre oversees the ISS Princeton Finance Team and the non-profit management group, which has served over 75 non-profit 501c3 organizations. After graduating from Rutgers University, Deirdre started working in the communications and accounting fields, which brought her to ISS 19 years ago. Here, Deirdre finds a great way to bring together her love of accounting with client engagement on a daily basis, as she helps support schools and foundations with their 501c3 non-profit missions.  Deirdre is a true Jersey girl who loves the beach and enjoys swimming, reading and attending her children’s field and ice hockey sporting events. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Mike and two children.

Desiree Bryant

Director of Human Resources

Desiree provides customer-oriented, business-focused human resource services to more than 200 ISS employees and clients in Princeton, NJ and internationally. Prior to joining ISS in 1998, Desiree had been a HR Generalist with Pharmacopeia, Inc. and a HR Assistant with Commodities Corporation, now Goldman Sachs. Desiree first fell in love with overseas travel when she enlisted in the US Air Force on a dare, and as an Aerospace Ground Equipment mechanic, traveled to Guam, Florida and Panama. She holds a BS Degree in Human Resources Management from Rider University. When not biking and hiking around exotic sites for their anniversary, Desiree and her husband Bryan reside in Hamilton Square with their dog Max and cat Chloe. In her free time, Desiree enjoys cooking, eating and going to the gym.

Malcolm Stitt

Director of Information Technology

Malcolm has a rich career in technology management. Prior to joining ISS in 2010, his skills and expertise had taken him everywhere from designing wind tunnel instrumentation, airborne systems, and trading systems, to introducing database technology into the financial print industry. Today, Malcolm enjoys supporting the many ways technology applies to ISS’ diverse operations; in any one week, he can go from helping a small, remote school introduce technology, to hosting a large database-driven hiring event, then back to helping schools place orders for thousands of critical items. Malcolm attended Buffalo State SUNY Regents and is an avid cyclist, sailor, hiker, swimmer, and skier. Today, he and his family live in suburban Dutchess County, NY, a location close to nature and perfect for his love of all things outdoors.

Dick Moore

Director of School Startup Operations

Dick worked for seventeen years in overseas school administration before coming to ISS. His career took him to Singapore, Pakistan, South Africa, India, and most recently, Southern China as Director of Nansha College Preparatory Academy, a joint venture school of ISS and ULink College. Dick joined ISS in August 2016 and now builds sustainable schools from the ground up, working from conception to opening day. Dick received his Bachelors from Washington State University and his doctorate from Seattle Pacific University. Dick and his wife Janet have been married for 38 years and have two daughters, Sarah and Kate. They live in Princeton and enjoy exploring the many cultural opportunities to be found in Princeton, New York City and Philadelphia.

Keith Cincotta

Director of School Supply/Senior Leadership Executive, Managed Schools

Keith serves the purchasing, consolidation and shipping needs of over 100 international schools. Keith is the Senior Leadership Executive for two ISS-managed schools in Africa, serves as an ISS student services and school counseling consultant and has also authored feasibility studies for school start-up projects in Cape Verde and Ghana. Before working with ISS, Keith was a High School Principal and Secondary School Counselor/College Advisor for 15 years in Pennsylvania, Pakistan and Dubai. Keith graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and has advanced degrees in Counseling and Educational Leadership from Lehigh University. He resides in beautiful Hopewell, New Jersey with his wife and three children. As a family of global nomads, they take any chance they can to travel and experience new places.

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