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Hire Teachers and Professional Staff

Because of ISS’s deep-rooted engagement in all facets of international education, our team gets to know the candidates who want to work with our organization; in turn, we can help you find excellent, diverse candidates for your school.  

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Hire Teachers and Professional Staff

Fill vacancies for teaching jobs across dozens of disciplines, including hard-to-fill jobs. You can also find counselors, librarians and other school professionals for all of your job openings. As a recruiter, you’ll immediately tap into a large, global database of high-quality, recruitment candidates from diverse backgrounds with a broad range of curricular qualifications and expertise, all available through the ISS EDUrecruit® member platform. In addition to posting your jobs, you’ll be able to view candidate profiles and use in-platform features to reach out directly to candidates of interest. Plus, your dedicated ISS EDUrecruit® Recruitment Relationship Manager will be available to help you every step of the way.

ISS can offer advanced custom support and outreach for premium members to better fill vacancies across our ISS network

With ISS EDUrecruit®, you can expect

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Qualified Candidates & Substantive Profiles

As an ISS EDUrecruit® member, you gain unlimited access to an expansive database of high-quality candidates. Because of ISS’s deep-rooted engagement in all facets of international education, our team gets to know the candidates who want to work with our organization; in turn, we can help you find excellent, diverse candidates for your school.

Our large global footprint means our network covers many teaching disciplines, 50+ curricula, a wide array of backgrounds, and robust professional experience. Plus, you can post all your teaching, professional staff and leadership job postings in one consolidated place for easy applicant tracking and management. As you explore candidate profiles, you’ll soon discover the attention to what really matters. Instead of candidate photos, you will see detailed professional experience, competencies, skills, references, teaching partners (when relevant), and more.

Useful, Easy-to-Read References
Make references work better for you. Efficiently understand candidates’ strengths and competencies through new job-specific questions and comments, plus detailed proficiency scales.

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2022-2023 ISS Job Fairs

More One-on-One Connection Opportunities through Live Recruiting Events

ISS international job fairs are an excellent opportunity to meet candidates and showcase your school. You can set up interviews directly during a live event!  Last year, more than 1,500 candidates participated in our virtual iFair® events, giving schools real-time interactions with potential new hires.

Our signature iFair® events give schools and candidates the ability to connect at a 100% virtual fair regardless of location, travel restrictions, or budget. This expands your time and reach considerably! As a premium member, you get a virtual school booth and the ability to have direct connections with candidates.

Our hallmark ISS in-person recruitment events are back! These in-person events are conveniently timed and located with other international school events making it easy to participate without added travel or scheduling. In December 2022, ISS will collaborate with AMISA to host a recruiting event in Atlanta, GA, USA. In February 2023, the fair in Washington, DC, USA will be following the AAIE conference.

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School Showcase and Staff Development

The life and culture of your school community are important to you, and to your potential candidates. In addition to spotlighting key school details, show candidates a much more comprehensive view with ISS EDUrecruit’s® school profile capabilities.

Your dedicated Recruitment Relationship Manager can help you set up your profile and advise on how to make your school stand out. From time to time, including at events, you will also have an opportunity to showcase your school in special communications. This outreach creates even more opportunities for you to fill immediate vacancies, plus develop hiring pipelines for the future.

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Personalized Support

The ISS EDUrecruit® staff provides results-driven personalized support and account management to help candidates and schools achieve their recruitment goals. We do this because at ISS, we believe that personal attention matters.

As a premium school, you will have a dedicated Recruitment Relationship Manager to help you. Choose from several annual membership tier options, based on your school’s individual needs. You won’t find placement fees or additive surprise charges. As a nonprofit, our priority is simple: to help our schools, candidates, and students succeed.

Values-driven Commitment

Your experience with us matters. You can count on the integration of best practices in recruitment and our actions to be focused on our mission-driven core values. We will continue our ongoing efforts in child protection, antiracism, inclusion, and work supporting educators world-wide. We address emerging needs and demands in a timely way.

The past several years presented an inordinate number of new challenges for recruiters and candidates; we supported you then, and we plan to continue every step of the way.

A closer look

In an unpredictable landscape, we offer reliable support. One school this year had unexpected vacancies when two teachers were unable to fulfill their contracts. The ISS EDUrecruit® Relationship Manager jumped in and provide a curated candidate list and profiles to the recruiter to accelerate the replacement process. In addition, after successfully filling the immediate vacancy, that school has used ISS EDUrecruit® to fill four additional open positions.

School Membership Tiers

The ISS EDUrecruit experience gives recruiters three membership tiers to choose from, so you can flexibly choose or customize what level is right for your needs.* There are no placement fees for schools, no stress — just meaningful tools, fantastic service, and a commitment to making a difference.

Standard Contact Us
Standard tier includes these benefits:
  • Full applicant tracking and application system features
  • Unlimited access to an expansive database of high-quality candidates
  • Fast, relevant search capability and powerful platform functionality, including intuitive dashboards, notifications, partner match, and more
  • Efficient, skill-based references for easy review
  • In-depth, multi-faceted profile for your school to attract candidates
  • Unlimited job postings with no added placement fees
  • Teaching, staff, and administrative leadership job postings, all in one place
Custom Contact Us
Custom tier allows you to expand your ISS EDUrecruit package with highly-tailored options to achieve your school’s goals, such as:
  • Bespoke recruiting events
  • Specialized intensive help for sourcing last minute or interim teaching & staff hires
  • Candidate screening and SecureTest background checks
  • Augmented support for your recruiting team by ISS staff
  • In-house professional learning sessions with one of our specialists
  • Expert, personalized support with all of your leadership searches from the ISS Administrative Search & Governance Team

*Tier options and configurations subject to change

Not Sure Which Option is Right for You?

The ISS team is ready to listen and help you find a plan that is best for your school.

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