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ISS EDUrecruit® is reimagining recruitment for the future. Discover how we can help international school recruiters staff your entire school with quality, diverse candidates from around the world, including hard-to-fill jobs. Plus, take a look at the all-new platform with faster, more focused results, new benefits, and ISS hallmark customer support.

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Diverse, Qualified Candidate Pool That’s Always Growing

ISS is committed to finding and attracting talented individuals from a wide range of backgrounds to create a more innovative, inclusive, and forward-thinking education system around the world. ISS’s deep-rooted engagement in all facets of international education cultivates connections with candidates within the international school community; and our year-round outreach to experienced educators from other sectors helps create a large, global database of high-quality, candidates from diverse backgrounds with a broad range of curricular qualifications and expertise.

Introducing an all-new ISS EDUrecruit® platform

Dynamic and Customer-focused ISS is committed to embracing new contemporary ways of working and connecting with each other to increase value, speed, and impact, while always fostering relationships.

A completely revamped, customer-oriented platform that provides clean dashboards, smarter data fields, and redesigned search functionality to give users the prioritized information they want in seconds.

ISS EDUrecruit platform
Candidate profiles summarize key information at a glance, while adhering to our mission-driven commitment to equitable recruitment practices, including inclusive references, DEIJ hiriing support and child protection screens. As you review full, substantive profiles, you won’t see candidate photos, but you will see detailed professional experience, competencies, skills, references, teaching partners (when relevant) and more.

Plus–you can now find everything all in one place, for even easier applicant and management. You can post all your teaching, professional staff and leadership job postings directly in the ISS EDUrecruit® platform Our expansive network covers many teaching disciplines, 50+ curricula, a wide array of backgrounds, and robust professional experience.

Get Ready to Experience Even Better Ways to Engage with Candidates

Mark your calendar for ISS EDUrecruit® in-person events

These in-person events are conveniently timed and located with other international school events making it easy to participate without added travel or scheduling. Recruiting schools get special access to the event app, plus the opportunity for school presentation, booths, and the ability to interview qualified, diverse candidates right on the spot.

Attend a virtual event

Enjoy a year of hallmark, but ever-innovating ISS virtual iFair® or in-person events, and hybrid opportunities to create relationships the ways schools and candidates want to interact today.

Mark your calendar

New messaging and notifications

In the all-new ISS EDUrecruit® portal, you can reach out directly to candidates as you’re reviewing a profile, create conversations in your account, even include other recruiters at your school. In-platform messaging enables seamless communication between recruiters, recruiting teams and candidates.

Integrated Learning for Today and Tomorrow

We are dedicated to professional development of educators worldwide beyond just placement, to inspire the next generation of education.

Support in creating school profiles to attract candidates

Your dedicated Recruitment Relationship Manager can help you in creating a strong profile that best reflects your school. Showcase photos, descriptions, and added details about your school culture to help candidates learn more about your school community.

Recruiter-oriented workshops

New workshops focused on hiring, DEIJ, onboarding candidates, and more can help you hone your own skills as a recruiter. Plus you will have opportunity for Q&A and deeper conversations to support your staffing goals.

Candidate education

ISS provides career-enhancing professional development to all candidates, plus discounts for ISS EDUlearnTM, so your prospective new hires continue to develop and grow, well beyond placement.

A closer look

In an unpredictable landscape, we offer reliable support. One school this year had unexpected vacancies when two teachers were unable to fulfill their contracts. The ISS EDUrecruit® Relationship Manager jumped in and provide a curated candidate list and profiles to the recruiter to accelerate the replacement process. In addition, after successfully filling the immediate vacancy, that school has used ISS EDUrecruit® to fill four additional open positions.

School Membership Tiers

The ISS EDUrecruit® experience gives recruiters three membership tiers to choose from, so you can flexibly choose or customize what level is right for your needs.*

There are no placement fees for schools, no stress — just meaningful tools, fantastic service, and a commitment to making a difference.

Premium Plus
Advanced Recruitment Capabilities
Unrestricted access to the newly redesigned ISS EDUrecruit® user-friendly portal with streamlined dashboards, upgraded data fields, and refined search capabilities that return relevant results in a matter of seconds.
Direct access to a comprehensive recruitment management system with an extensive database of talented, diverse, and highly qualified candidates, advanced applicant monitoring capabilities, and quick access to competency-based references.
A refined portal interface, allowing you to post an unlimited number of job openings and build more productive and efficient recruitment teams.
Recruitment Event Opportunities
MEMBER FAVORITE! Full and free access to all ISS EDUrecruit® in-person, hybrid, and virtual iFair® job fairs. Showcase your school and hire top-tier candidates.
Custom Recruitment Assistance
Dedicated Recruitment Relationship Manager for onboarding, recruitment consultation, and customer support.
Personalized assistance from an ISS Recruitment Relationship Manager to review candidate profiles, job postings, and recruitment strategies.
Expert recruitment support, including tailored recruitment searches for difficult-to-fill jobs.
Bonus Learning Opportunities
Invitation to the virtual ISS EDUlearnTM Equitable Recruitment Webinar Series.
Two, one-year, individual ISS EDUlearnTM passport subscriptions or a US$1000 discount toward a one-year, school-wide ISS EDUlearnTM Passport.
Added Visibility for Your Leadership Postings & Your School
Free posting for one leadership position vacancy on the ISS website.
Free worldwide promotion of one leadership position on the ISS website and across ISS social and other communication networks.
Participation in an EDUrecruit® podcast to promote your school.

*Tier options and configurations subject to change

Not Sure Which Option is Right for You?

The ISS team is ready to listen and help you find a plan that is best for your school.

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