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While our global work and services are centralized through our headquarters in Princeton, NJ USA, we have a dedicated Asia Pacific Office which allows us to have frequent, on-the-ground support throughout China and Southeast Asia.

For more than thirty years ISS has been starting and managing high-quality international schools in China and Southeast Asia.

To recognize the importance of education to the Asia Pacific region, International Schools Services established a base in the city of Shenzhen from where our team of professionals can provide global advice with a local context. ISS works closely with investors and government to provide a unique range of services to support the establishment and efficient management of schools. Every community is different and so each school is unique to meet the needs of parents, owners and local authorities.

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About ISS

Primary Services

The Asia Pacific Office of ISS hosts professional development and training sessions through the year in Shenzhen, and on-site consultancy in China, Myanmar, and Thailand. Our experienced team provides expert advice in Finance, Human Resources, Teaching and Learning, Strategic Planning, and Governance matters. Our team can draw on the global resources of ISS, which has one of the largest footprints of any school services company and bring local knowledge to each project. Learn about our full suite of services.

If you are seeking to establish a new school project, improve the management of an existing school, or enhance your overall school quality, the ISS Asia Pacific Office has the services and personnel to assist you.

School Start-Up and Management

Opening a school in China or in the wider Asia Pacific area requires a finessed understanding of local regulations and cultural needs, beyond the critical requirement of how to open and operate a thriving, world-class school. The seasoned ISS team has experience in working with investors, philanthropists, and educational supporters to bring their goals to fruition. The ISS team can provide assistance with starting either nonprofit or for-profit international schools that can support a variety of student populations, including Chinese citizens, dual citizens, or a blend of students from around the world.

Are you looking for support in another region of the world? Read about our global School Start Up and Management services.

School Supply

ISS offers customized purchase services for a variety of best-in-class options in school supply. We can help you obtain the leading brands and products at a low cost to you and navigate customs requirements by leveraging our worldwide network and logistical support. We can also support your local school supply procurement.

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Teacher and Administrative Recruitment

ISS offers customized extensive recruitment services for faculty, staff, and school leaders. Our global network connects you with experienced educators and administrators from around the world to support your goals of world-class education.

Are you looking for support in another region of the world? Read about our global Teacher Recruitment services and our Administrative Recruitment services.

Professional Learning

Our Level 5 Creativity and Innovation Hub China offers a wealth of professional development events in Shenzhen, China.  In addition, the Asia Pacific Office provides added learning opportunities in administration, curricula, and best practices for educators and leaders interested in international education.

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Asia Pacific Team

Greg Smith
Vice President, Asia Pacific

Carlene Hamley
Director of School Development

Brent Wang
Director of Finance & Business

Connie Hu
School Supply Supervisor

Angela Ke
Relationship Manager

Dale Cox

Senior Leadership Executive

Robert Stearns
Senior Leadership Executive

Lory Thiessen
Senior Leadership Executive

Helen Guo
Project Manager

Scarlett Lee
Administrative Assistant

Stefanie Zhang
Membership Development & Relationship Manager

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International Schools Services. Asia Pacific China Office
JingShan Villas, Nanhai Blvd, Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518067
Shekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518067


ISS-ULink Educational Services, Ltd is a joint venture partnership between International Schools Services (ISS) and ULink Educational Services, for the development of innovative educational models in China.

Currently there are two ISS-ULink schools: GTIIT Affiliated International School, and Nansha College Preparatory Academy.

About International Schools Services

As a nonprofit organization, International Schools Services (ISS) has been supporting international education for more than 60 years and is deeply committed to creating world class schools.

We work with more than 800 international schools and thousands of educators each year across our comprehensive suite of services, creating one of the largest global footprints in international education support.