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Starting an international school requires navigating an array of decisions to achieve a school’s vision and purpose. From fully customized solutions to pre-configured options, the ISS School Start Up team can apply its deep expertise and hands-on school experience to help you achieve your goal of opening a strong, vibrant school.

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ISS experts work with investors, philanthropists, governments, nonprofits, educators, and more to start and optimize world-class international schools, from fully customized solutions to pre-configured options.


Customized ISS School Start Up

ISS experts offer customized, comprehensive services to help you design, build, outfit, staff, and open your school. Once the doors are open, ISS experts help your leadership and staff to develop a world-class school with proven results.

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The SISU Schools® Model

Don’t need a customized school solution, but still require expertise in key areas of the startup process? With the pre-bundled SISU Schools® Model you are provided with essential organizational tools and the renowned school pedagogical practices of Finland and the United States.

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Being immersed in the educational environment, as entrepreneurs and as parents with young children, we have faced the lack of innovative educational systems in our community, which are not up to the demands and needs of the new generations. We know that Finnish education has been a world reference in the last 10 years, so we took on the task of looking for a franchise that would provide us a competitive option to be able to replicate it successfully in our country. That is how we found SISU, an educational franchise with world-class academic support. We are very excited to start this adventure with the experts.

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SISU Schools® is a K-12 school concept and a registered trademark of Lumo Education Ltd. and International Schools Services.

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