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SISU Schools® are a revolutionary K-12 program that uniquely blends the best educational practices from two of the world’s most acknowledged and recognized educational systems: Finnish and American. The SISU program covers the entire K-12 educational continuum and can be used in any country and in any language. The SISU Schools® Model gives you the option to open an international school on a shorter timeline, with an array of standardized plans and policies.

The SISU School® K-12 franchise model is rapidly growing across the international school landscape, with sites planned on at least four continents. The concept and franchises are made possible through the collaboration of two educational leaders: International Schools Services (ISS) and Lumo Education Ltd. In less than a year, the ISS-Lumo team has signed 10 SISU Schools contracts, and has more in progress.

The SISU Franchise Model

Creating affordable, quality education can be challenging for investors and educational entrepreneurs, but the SISU franchise model is highly structured and standardized, while still retaining a degree of flexibility.

The SISU approach allows owners to move from concept to opening to impact in a relatively short period of time, due to a robust set of deliverables that accompany the school license under the SISU brand. Along with the SISU process, these deliverables ⁠— such as guidebooks, policies, marketing, architecture, school supply, curriculum, teacher training, recruitment, quality assurance, and practically any other elements that the school needs ⁠ ⁠— are honed to save prospective owners the considerable cost and time typically consumed by activities associated with starting and operating a school.

ISS School Management and Operations international school services

The school concept, content, and support are all included in SISU Schools franchise model. The school owner secures the premises, school license, and funds to cover the operational expenses, which typically require some investment in the first one to three years of operations. After that, most schools are expected to be at a break-even point given adequate enrollments and other factors, which is relatively swift in the school sector.

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SISU Schools® is a K-12 school concept and a registered trademark of Lumo Education Ltd. and International Schools Services.

SISU Schools® stand out from the competitors because of the innovation. SISU Schools meet the standards of Finnish and American International education the program and give flexibility to implement in local language, bilingually or fully in English. Investors find that SISU’s unique model is more comprehensive and affordable than the other options in the private school market. The school owners will save a lot of money in multiple aspects of school operation because of the comprehensiveness of the package.

Aki Halko

CEO, Lumo Education

SISU Schools are an investment in the community, in education, and in people.

Dr. Thomas Hawkins

Vice President of School Start Ups, Management and Operations, ISS

SISU [noun], Finnish language:

Persistence, grit, guts, bravery, courage, and willpower. Extraordinary determination and endurance in the face of adversity.
An action mindset that enables individuals to reach what was considered impossible.
An integral part of the Finnish culture and a universal human capacity.

The ISS-Lumo team comes well prepared to foster innovation and handle the resulting demand. Its combination of deep educational credentials and real-world school management experience makes it uniquely positioned to scale to address the growing interest. The team has extensive experience providing quality education. International Schools Services has been operating in the international school sector for more than 65 years and works with more than 800 schools worldwide across a wide suite of services. Lumo Education works with the award-winning Finnish education approach and is a member of Education Finland, a national education export program offering Finnish educational know-how and learning solutions globally.

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Interest in SISU Schools® Sparks 10 New Contracts in Record Time

Revolutionary K-12 franchise model by ISS-Lumo continues to gain traction.

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School Set-up Made Easy

The SISU model allows for all of the key considerations to be mapped out based on standardized plans. Curriculum and individual learning plans following the proven pedagogical standards from Finland and the US. This model also includes general standards for all subjects and detailed standards for English Language Arts, Math and Science. The school will operate on local curricula in addition to the SISU program.

SISU Program and Standards
SISU Teacher Support
Learning Environment Guidance
Operation Manuals, Plans, and Forms
Financial Management Support
Recruitment Support
Quality Assurance Program
SISU Brand and Marketing Resources
School Management Software
Global Community
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