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Reduce the complexity of your international school’s accounting and finance operations.

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Your school’s business office works incredibly hard backstage to keep the school’s finances running smoothly. As a school already balancing overseas staff and vendors, find support coordinating your international finances with the help of our trained accounting staff.

ISS can assist you with establishing a US nonprofit including; nonprofit board set up, training on financial policies and procedures for board of directors, management and staff, and financial planning to help your school achieve its goals.

Global Business Solutions

Having to manage payroll, financial transactions, and capital projects with a blend of local and global staff in an international school setting is complex. Our trained accounting staff can alleviate local pressure while providing cost-effective processes, streamlining procedures, and recommendations to maximize your overall budget.

ISS can help you operate global transactions with the ease of US-centric accounting processes and management, oversee critical capital projects, safeguard proper donation documents, reduce unnecessary expenditures, and enhance your school’s overall financial management. We can even assist you in setting up a US-incorporated nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity for your school.

Added Payroll And Accounts Payable Support

ISS can conduct your entire payroll processing function, including safe and reliable US-based Direct Deposit payroll processing, as well as local payments, reducing your bookkeeping time. ISS can globally execute your vendor payments, minimizing significant processing time by staff or local providers; and also conduct routine audit and monitoring functions, reviewing your accounts daily to keep information real time and helping to prevent fraudulent activities.

ISS can process and receipt all donations for your capital fundraising campaign, reducing paperwork and giving you assurance that you are in full regulatory compliance.

Through ISS you get access to reduced fees, bundled pricing and improved technology, so your school eliminates individualized expenses that quickly add up.

Train Your Leadership

The school leaders and Board of Directors play a critical role in a school’s success and relationship with the entire school community. ISS’s certified trainers offer governance seminars as well as services to support leadership transition and policy development through customized, interactive workshops.

We help you:

  • Create efficient governance structures, including clear roles and responsibilities for fiduciary, strategic and generative roles
  • Make a smooth transition into new administrations
  • Understand best practices and develop action plans to adopt
  • Develop institutional policy
  • Enhance school development in areas such as long-term planning, fiscal policy, endowments, strategic planning, and more.

Foundation Management


School Sustainability


Budget Planning Tips

Our organization recently began to use ISS Accounting Services. The staff is knowledgeable, readily available and accommodating. Accurate, user friendly financial reports are being provided in a timely fashion. We couldn’t be more pleased!

Ron Marino

Treasurer, Association for Advancement of International Education (AAIE)

ISS Accounting and Foundations

75 foundations established

1,100 employee payroll transactions processed each month

vendor invoices processed yearly

vendor payments made yearly

10 staff members trained in global accounting processes

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