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There’s a fresh joy in receiving a delivery of new school equipment and supplies. But ordering these high-quality materials can be another story, since navigating customs and juggling vendors is no easy task for any international institution.

Our School Supply team can help streamline your purchasing, save money, and equip your school with hassle-free and happily-delivered resources every academic year.

Our comprehensive international supply and delivery program gives you incredible buying power, often saving 25%-50% off retail while avoiding common shipping and handling overcharges that can occur with individual ordering.

ISS purchases from over 1,000 vendors around the world to give you best-in-class options. That means you can outfit your international school with the most appropriate playground equipment, musical instruments, school and sports uniforms, and learning supplies, like science laboratory equipment, textbooks, art materials, technology, and general classroom supplies. Yes! We ship classroom supplies and equipment to the countries with the highest number of international schools like China, UAE, India, Pakistan, Spain, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, and Egypt. Thanks to our strong global infrastructure, we also ship high-quality, K-12 school supplies to smaller regions like Kazakhstan and Madagascar so they too, can get the best supplies delivered at the best prices. If you can name it in the world, we can help your school get its much-needed equipment and learning supplies.

ISS helps you access world-class supplies for your school while making the most of your purchasing budget. You can count on hassle-free delivery from around the globe, with confidence that your shipment will arrive safely, just as expected. By working with ISS, you can harness an entire global purchasing team, so your staff can dramatically reduce purchasing and accounting workload.

Stretch Your Budgets And Get It Delivered

 As a nonprofit organization, ISS is all about helping the educational community and fostering world-class education. That’s why we give you detailed invoices, so you always know the exact vendor pricing. After all, procuring the right K-12 learning supplies at a discount is important! We pay the many, individual vendor invoices and deliver one itemized bill to you—significantly reducing your accounts payable burden, wire transfers, and currency conversions that your business office must manage. That means you get great discounts whether you are supplying a classroom of 10 or a student body of 2,500.

ISS uses its specially-made planning tools to consolidate your shipments for the fastest, most-economical delivery, navigating complex customs requirements and paperwork. ISS’s unique systems and human-oversight allows you to track your orders, address vendor backorders, and follow up to ensure a complete and on-time delivery of your shipment.

Procure School Supplies At A Savings

From A-Z, we can source school equipment and classroom supplies based on your international school’s needs.

Take a look at just some of the areas we can help you with your school supply list:

Playground Equipment

From play systems, to slides and swings, and even playground balls, you can keep your students active.

Technology & Digital Equipment

From laptops and tablets to scientific calculators and digital cameras, you can support innovation and inquiry.

Musical Instruments

From band instruments to orchestra instruments, including recorders, percussion sets, violins, trumpets, cellos, and everything to create a full musical ensemble.


From textbooks to libraries, you can outfit the school for reading minds.

Science Laboratory Equipment

From beakers and test tubes, to microscopes, safety equipment and measurement devices, the list covers the progressive materials needed for inquiry-based classrooms from K-12 levels.


From desks to lab benches, to even boarding school dorm room supplies, we have full furniture to support 21st century education design.

Sports Equipment & Uniforms

From soccer balls and cleats to swimsuits and goggles, plus basketballs, cricket bat, volleyballs and an array of sports equipment to support all levels of physical education programs and sports teams.

Art Supplies

From painting and sculpting, to general art supplies, you can spark creativity and even outfit maker spaces.

General Stationery & Supplies

Outfit a classroom to ensure daily pencils, crayons, notebooks and more are on hand to help learners.

And More

From lockers to risers to bleachers we can help you with custom items to finish a space, whether you are embarking on a new building project or replacing old items. We can also help with building and maintenance materials and new campus furniture and fixtures.

It’s Easy To Place Your Order

Ordering Supplies Via An ISS Representative

You can use the ISS Purchase Order Template to order from any vendor. The simple form allows you to choose vendor, item, and quantity as well as assign a unique Purchase Order number to help with delivery and distribution. Your ISS Representative will guide you through the order process.

Ordering School Specialty Items

ISS developed a deep relationship with School Specialty as a result of our high-volume ordering. These savings are directly passed along to you for thousands of items. To streamline your shopping, you can go directly to the School Specialty/ISS Portal for many different K-12 school supplies. Create your order directly through the portal and skip the step of submitting a Purchase Order on the ISS template. As an added benefit, you can create an account with multi-level approval capabilities at your school. That means your teachers can enter their own orders using the portal and the designated supervisor at your school can simply approve. Ordering supplies for schools has never been easier!

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We have been dealing with ISS for over two decades and are extremely happy with the quality of service. The ISS School Supply representative is always willing to go the extra mile to provide the required support; replies to [our] queries come in the shortest possible time. ISS has always sourced our requirements for the lowest possible rates and have passed on any benefits or additional discounts that may accrue from any order. They have also striven to supply 100% of the order. [We] appreciate all that ISS does and happy to recommend to other schools that may want to do business with ISS.

V. Chandramouli

Purchase Manager, American International School Chennai, India

ISS School Supply

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Work with
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