ISS Professional Development Resources

ISS Professional Development opportunities bring differentiated and personalized learnings from expert international educators around the world straight to you. These trainings include the latest trends and topics in the international education field, delivered with a constructivist mindset that allows for collaboration. All ISS workshops are immersive experiences that allow you to learn from the comfort of your home and according to your own schedule. You can register for single courses on our [events] calendar or get an ISS EDUlearn™ Passport to participate in events all year for one subscription price. Plus, ISS EDUearn™ Passport unlocks a special library of resources to further help your learning journey.

Here you can explore some free resources curated by staff and facilitators to get you started.

Open Book

A curriculum leaders network designed to make public the great teaching and learning that happens in classrooms every day.

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Virtual Learning Archive

Explore resources from our virtual learning series.

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Antiracism Padlet

Explore resources about antiracism and systemic racism, and steps for change.

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Teaching & Learning Resources

Types of International Schools

Curriculum & Standards Commonly Found in International Schools

Common Terminology Used Within International Schools (ALL Combined)

Common Terminology Found Within International Schools Around Creativity, Innovation, & Technology

Common Terminology Found Within International Schools Around Curriculum & Instruction

Common Terminology Found Within International Schools Around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Common Terminology Found Within International Schools Around Pedagogy & Instructional Design

Common Terminology Found Within International Schools Around Recruiting

Accreditation Agencies & Regional Organizations (ALL)

Accreditation Agencies of the International School Sector

Regional Organizations of the International School Sector

Creativity & Innovation Resources

Design Thinking Crash Course

Running a Hack-A-Thon at Your School

Designing a Maker Space

SIS iBook

ISS Best Summary videos

Making Learning Innovation Coaches More Accessible

From Our Archives

During the 2020 school break, we hosted a professional development virtual learning series that featured a mixture of presentation, group work, and individual exploration. See below for Padlet resources, webinar recordings, and international educator-compiled resources.

ISS Deep Dive Sessions into Virtual Learning

Deep Dive: Early Years Educators

Deep Dive: PK-12 English Language Arts Educators

Deep Dive: PK-12 Math Educators

Deep Dive: PK-12 Science Educators

Deep Dive: PK-12 Social Studies Educators

Deep Dive: PK-12 World Language & EAL/ESL Educators

Deep Dive: PK-12 Specialist (Art, Music, PE) Educators

Educators Supporting Educators: Transitions to Online Learning Webinar Series

Assessment Webinar

Back to School Practices in the New Normal Webinar

Continuing Online Engagement Webinar

Early Years Webinar

Grading and Reporting Webinar

Inclusive Learning Webinar

Legal Liability and Risk Management

Managing School Finances and Other Resources in Times of Crisis Webinar

Online Instructional Practices for English & Social Studies

School Operation Practices in the New Normal

Secondary Counselors Webinar

Specialists Webinar

Online Instructional Practices for Math & Science Webinar

Additional Virtual Learning Resources

Community Wellness

Wellness Checklist – Strategies and personal check-ins with both students and staff, Sonya terBorg

Tips for Healthy Tech Use at Home – Guidelines to manage screen-time and personal health at home, Western Academy of Beijing

Reading Tips for Parents – Some simple questions to assist parents with reading with their child, Laura Benson

Indoor Activities for Children – Some prompts to battle boredom at home

IT Operations

Support Portal – A great example of how to maintain ongoing communication and support, Nansha College Prepatory Academy

Gathering Distant Learning Data – A guide for surveying students, parents, & teachers, Jordan G Benedict

Online Pedagogies

Student Autonomy – Help students pursue their own passions and projects

Pedagogical Strategies – 15 tips for educators when working online, Global Online Academy

Portrait of Online Learning in the Early Years – Sample activities and scheduling for the EY, Rachael MacMillan

Library Guide – Beth Rohrbeck

MicroPD for Educators – Riffa Views International School

Formative Assessment in Distance Learning – Andrew Miller

Using Thinking Routines in Distance Learning – Ron Ritchhart

Grace is Greater Than Grades


Educator Temporary School Closure for Online Learning – Administrated by Kirsten Durward

#ISSedu Twitter

Looking for Specific Help? – The team at Global Online Academy is available to help with specific strategies for online learning during extended closures, Global Online Academy

Policies & Guidelines

Online Learning Policy – Sample online learning guidelines for a K-12 School, Riffa Views International School

Crisis Management – Not sure where to start? A matrix school risk and response to closure, International School of Brussels

Parent Guidelines – Sample online learning guidelines for the parent community, Riffa Views International School

ICMEC child protection guidance for online instruction – International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

International Best Practices for Online Learning – A wealth of policy documents shared by schools around the world

Tools and Platforms

Want More Flexibility? – Check out this list of useful tools for creating online learning experiences, Edward Bruce

Tools for HS/MS Learning – A bank of resources for secondary students, Tanya LeClair

Online Learning Flipboard – Links to articles for educators and parents for online learning, Dana Watts