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Creating world-class international schools requires continuous professional learning on behalf of school leaders, teachers, and support staff. ISS brings inclusive, innovative and applicable professional development opportunities to educators and school support staff across the globe. Thousands of educators and leaders have participated in our ISS EDUlearn™ professional development offerings, and we continue to introduce new courses to meet today’s most relevant topics.

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The ISS EDUlearn™ Passport gives you the option to enjoy a full year’s worth of ISS EDUlearn™ courses for a single subscription price. So, whether you want to pay for just one course or dive into a year of learning, ISS EDUlearn™ has flexible options to support you in your professional learning journey.

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Teaching & Learning
The classroom makeup is shifting more than ever before. With in-person, online, and hybrid learning taking place, it's important for educators to stay up to date with teaching best practices. Join experts and practitioners to stay on top of these important changes in the education field with ISS teaching & learning professional development opportunities.
School Management & Operations
Operating a school is complex, involving many areas of expertise. ISS has developed workshops for school leaders and support staff on the topics of facilities, human resources, financial management, marketing, security and more. Learn best practices for successfully running and growing schools with ISS school management & operations professional development opportunities.
Creativity & Innovation
Learning happens everywhere. Discover how to set up LEVEL 5 and other agile learning spaces at your school, leverage technology to expand your impact and reach, and activate your community's ideas through ISS Challenges. Make your classroom a hub for creativity, collaboration, and innovation with ISS creativity & innovation professional development opportunities.
Personal Growth
Invest in your well-being and personal development by enrolling in our workshops specifically tailored to help you prioritize self-care, enhance your skills, make the most of your career, and explore other essential topics. Led by experienced specialists, these courses are designed to help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.
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Learning Resources

Explore this section of FREE learning materials designed to help you get started on key topics. These resources have been sourced from ISS expert staff and educational experts from around the world as part of our mission to support educators.

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“The information was accessible and presented well. It gave me a good foundation for expanding my understanding”

Julie Christensen

Al Bayan Bilingual School

I liked the multiple breakout room opportunities. It was beneficial to talk to colleagues about their experiences. The resources provided were excellent.

Jennifer Weeast

International School Ho Chi Minh City

“Unlike some workshops in which you may only learn theory, the information and resources provided in these workshops were very useful and applicable for real implementation.”

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ISS EDUlearn™ Key Statistics

Over 125 workshops hosted by ISS

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Over 1300 schools participate in ISS PD each year

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Over 6000 participants in ISS PD events over 2 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ISS EDUlearn™?

ISS EDUlearn™ is the ISS online learning portal. You’ll discover a wealth of on-demand resources to help teachers and leaders navigate their own professional learning online. With an abundance of content curated from international school leaders, teachers, and staff from across the globe, ISS EDUlearn™ is the portal for online professional learning for international schools, leaders, teachers, and staff.

What is ISS EDUlearn™ Passport?

The ISS EDUlearn™ Passport is your one-stop passport to all of the ISS EDUlearn™ professional learning webinars, courses, and resources throughout the school year. Once you purchase your passport, you will have full access to every ISS EDUlearn™ event all of the ISS events throughout the academic year Please note this does not include the events held by our Strategic partners (ie. APPA, Inspire Citizens, R.E.A.L. Discussions, SENIA, or SHRM).

How will I engage during my ISS EDUlearn™ online experience?

In addition to hosting our resources and activities in Canvas, Our webinars will include interactive Zoom breakout sessions for collaboration, and discussion groups in Canvas to provide time for participants to process and reflect on their learning beyond the live webinars.

How do I know what content is relevant to me?

You can use our drop-down menu on the ISS EDUlearn™ events page to search for courses and webinars that are relevant to you and your needs.

What certificates are available for educators?

A certificate of participation will be provided for each course/webinar/workshop at the close of the course.

If I want to view an event that has already happened, how can I get access to the resources and materials?

You will need to log into Canvas to view the events through our Portal. You will then have full access to all of the resources from the course including the recordings. A Canvas link will be provided via your registration confirmation email.

How to login to Cvent
  1. Use the Cvent link.
  2. Click on “Already Registered”.
  3. Enter your email and confirmation number
How do I get access to ISS EDUlearn™?

All ISS EDUlearn™ users are registered using Cvent and uploaded into our Canvas LMS platform.

What happens if an event is happening at a time that I cannot attend?

No worries. We know that you have busy schedules and are at times negotiating multiple time zones. We purposely record each and every event and send out a link to the recording within 24 hours of the event so you can watch the event in a time zone that is more appropriate for you.

Who do I contact if I have questions about ISS EDUlearn™?

If you need Customer Service Support, please contact us here.

How do I receive a certificate of participation?
  • You can either go back into your course and click on the link for your certificate of participation, OR
  • You can click on the link in your email after the course is complete and download the certificate
What are the system requirements for ISS EDUlearn™ online?

We utilize Zoom for our online webinars and Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS).

How do I sign up for Professional Development courses?

Go to and sign up there!

Where can I find my confirmation number for ISS EDUlearn™ Passport?

There are two places to find your confirmation number:

  1. Email (Registration Confirmation) from Cvent
  2. Registration Summary Page towards the end of the registration process
How do I register for events once I have bought the ISS EDUlearn™ Passport?

When you purchased your ISS EDUlearn™ Passport through the Cvent platform, you received a confirmation number on screen and via email. Use that confirmation number to modify your registration. All you need to do is log into the Passport event and choose which sessions you would like to register for in the future.

If you cannot find your confirmation number, here are two places to locate it:

  1. Your registration confirmation email (from cvent)
  2. The Registration Summary page towards the end of the registration process

Still uncertain what to do next? Let us know which course you’d like to access and one of us will help you get registered right away. We are here to help!

In addition to ISS-hosted events, we work with other organizations to provide additional professional development avenues for you.

View more information about our partners »

SENIA Professional Development partner to ISS
Moreland University professional development partner
Utah Valley University partner to ISS PD
Inspire Citizens professional development partner
SHRM professional development partner to ISS
APPA professional development partner to ISS
R.E.A.L professional development partner to ISS

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