Safety And Security

Your school cares deeply for your students’ safety. We help you develop the practical policies and protocols to help ensure safe environments and give you tools so that your staff is prepared when issues arise.

In addition, we can provide training and consulting for your staff so that all members of the community are focused on keeping children safe. ISS’s school management services include a network of experts who can immediately guide you through any situation, ranging from classic school-related issues, delicate stakeholder relations, and even more serious crisis management to ensure safety and security in schools.

Range Of Services

Because we have seen a wide range of school risks – security threats, environmental and natural disasters, child predators, financial and compliance issues – ISS has developed a wide range of solutions. From child protection initiatives, to pool safety plans and nut allergy policies, ISS Child Protection and Compliance Division is a consolidation of resources for student and school safety, security, and sustainability.

A Bench Of Experts

When teaming with ISS, expect us to:

  • Provide professional, personalized approaches to your school risk needs
  • Direct you to free and/or affordable resources as available
  • Be considerate of cultural and international information in formulating responses
  • Explore your needs with assistance from ISS partners in safety and security
  • Negotiate best pricing available for all consulting arrangements
  • Oversee project exploration and management until risks are mitigated and the school is satisfied that the issues are resolved

ISS is able to offer such a wide range of resources because of the amazing teams we partner with. Our allies in School Safety and Security include:

  • ClearPath Emergency Planning Management
  • for the training of all staff members in various languages
  • International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children
  • SecurTest Background Check Services
  • Shield Corporate Security for Site Safety Management consultation

Deep Resources

We exist to help you to identify and mitigate risks in your school environment, maintain compliance with international high standards in safety and security, and build the best environment possible for your young students.

Resources are available to assist in:

  • Child/Youth Protection Initiatives
  • Background checks due diligence
  • Emergency and crisis planning
  • Program and security audits
  • School policies development
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Board Governance
  • Internal audits
  • Corporate and board policies and procedures
  • General School Risk management


Child Protection

ISS is a leader in efforts to prevent the verbal, physical, and/or sexual harm of children in the International School Community and encourages all individuals to take an active role in child protection.

Our Work is Multi-Faceted

  • ISS is a founding member of the International Task Force for Child Protection, along with CIS, COBIS, AISH, The US State Department, AAIE, ECIC, and ICMEC
  • ISS is collaborating with ICMEC to provide more training and awareness for educational professionals
  • As a certified facilitator, ISS hosts Darkness to Light training sessions
  • ISS can help schools develop and implement staff recruitment practices
  • All ISS Global Recruitment Staff receive child protection training
  • ISS provides recruitment guidelines for schools related to child protection screening
  • ISS facilitates and encourages police background checks for recruiting teachers at ISS Managed Schools
  • ISS Managed Schools have adopted best practice child protection policies and procedures.
  • Faculty at ISS Managed Schools receives regular training


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