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Where will your journey take you? Whether you are a seasoned teacher or an educator early in your career, you will find an exciting list of teaching and leadership vacancies in the ISS EDUrecruit ecosystem. Learn about international positions in Europe, Middle East, China, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australia. The world of global education is wide open to you!

Specifically created for international school recruitment, ISS EDUrecruit is optimized for ease and results, comprehensive and agile, and is a customizable, meaningful experience. Join the revolutionary, smart recruiting experience for international education where you see and share what really matters.

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Optimized for Ease and Results

New At-a-glance, Intuitive Dashboards

These highly-focused dashboards allow you to get key information quickly, with less clicking, fewer screens to navigate, and maximized efficiency.

Fast, Relevant Search Results

Get exactly the results you need based on type of position, location, job requirements, and more.

Partner Match Logic

If you are planning to seek teaching roles for you and your partner, the proprietary ISS Partner Match logic can help. Link your profile with your partner’s profile, signaling to schools you are connected and may be able to fill multiple vacancies.

Customized Notifications and Functionality

Save your searches, favorite jobs, set notifications to stay on top of new job postings, and track your submitted applications. You’re in control of your recruitment journey.

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Comprehensive and Agile

A Large Database of International Schools and Enhanced Profiles

Whether you are interested in a well-established school, or are intrigued by a start-up, explore ISS EDUrecruit’s expansive database of international school profiles and thousands of job posts each year!

Do Your Research with the Help of ISS EDUrecruit System

From curriculum and enrollment to school culture and activities, school profiles offer a holistic picture of their offerings and community. Get to know the school beyond basic details with features like:

  • Leadership video messages and videos of the school in action, right in the job postings for those interested in learning about a school in real-time.
  • Reviews and perspectives from parents, teachers, and staff.
  • Detailed information about parent relations, policies, the school’s commitment to child safety, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ), and more.
  • Plus: A complete report of salary and benefits for participating schools.

You Can Show a Holistic Profile About You!

The candidate profile has been carefully developed to showcase your qualifications, centralize your records, and make it easy for you to apply to multiple positions. Share a comprehensive picture of your strengths as a candidate through features like:

  • Smart, searchable criteria, better demonstrating your qualifications and helping you to be easily identified for the most appropriate jobs.
  • Confidential and holistic references, easily collected from parents, peers, and supervisors. These skills-based references from a variety of perspectives give recruiters a thorough view of your strengths.
  • Job-specific questions and comments so you can share your unique point of view and voice.

ISS EDUrecruit does not permit candidate profile photos and references to native English speaker requirements, instead ensuring focus on meaningful qualifications and criteria. The system also allows both schools and candidates to spotlight their commitment to DEIJ.

Customized and Meaningful

Engaging Job Fairs

ISS job fairs are an excellent opportunity to network with recruiters, learn about schools, and engage with fellow candidates from a wide variety of experiences. At our full lineup of signature iFair® events this year, connect at a 100% virtual fair regardless of location, travel restrictions, or budget! Get ready to visit virtual school booths, request and receive interview invitations, learn about international education at informative sessions, and more. All ISS EDUrecruit candidates with a paid Premium account and updated profiles are welcome to attend – no special invitations required.

ISS is Here for You

ISS deeply values relationships and is committed to ongoing, personalized service to help our schools and candidates succeed. We love getting to know you and are honored to support your teaching journey.

Professional Development

ISS offers a wide range of professional development opportunities. As part of your membership, you’ll have access to special “Ask me Anything” webinars and other skill-building events. PLUS, you’ll get access to the all-new ISS EDUlearn, including free registrations to attend one well-respected ISS professional development offering for international educators and leaders.

Get Started Today

View job postings on ISS EDUrecruit and discover the many opportunities ahead.

Candidate Membership Tiers

The ISS EDUrecruit experience gives candidates three membership tiers to choose from, so you can flexibly choose what level is right for your needs.* Candidates can also now opt to donate a portion of the annual membership fee to an education-related cause.

Limited Get Started
  • Basic candidate profile
  • Ability to be discovered by schools
  • Invitations to apply for jobs
  • Limited dashboard and functionality

*Tier options and configurations subject to change

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