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Where will your journey take you? Learn about international teaching positions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australia. The world of global education is wide open to you!  Whether you are a seasoned teacher or an educator early in your career, you will find an exciting list of international teaching, counseling, librarian, and other professional staff jobs in the ISS EDUrecruit® system. Whatever your path, we can help you find a new international teaching job or professional staff position!
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What to Expect with ISS EDUrecruit®

Interesting job postings from schools actively seeking to hire!

Our ISS EDUrecruit® member schools span 100+ countries and offer a variety of curricula, presenting you with an exciting list of new opportunities and places to explore. We typically work with recruiters from schools who are accredited. We also work with brand new schools that are preparing to open and are on the path to accreditation, perfect for educators seeking to grow and make an impact in the unique environment of a start-up. As one of the most active organizations in the broad international education community, ISS is specially positioned to know the schools seeking to recruit new members to their teams.

Here are some types of jobs that have been posted recently:

  • Teacher Leader
  • Support Positions
  • Special Education
  • Social Studies
  • Secondary Teachers
  • Science
  • Physical Education/Health
  • Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Mathematics
  • Library/Media
  • Humanities
  • Foreign Language
  • English/Language Arts
  • Counseling/Psychology
  • Elementary
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Computer Education/Technology
  • Arts
  • Administration
  • Wellbeing
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We cover many specialties beyond that list! We frequently help schools fill unique positions ⁠— one of which might be just right for YOU.

As an ISS EDUrecruit® member, you can search ALL of the positions, as well as build your own profile so recruiters can search for you too.

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Make one-on-one connections during our ISS job fairs!

ISS job fairs are an excellent opportunity to network with recruiters, learn about schools, and engage with fellow candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds. At our full lineup of signature iFair® events this season, connect at a 100% virtual fair regardless of location, travel restrictions, or budget! Get ready to visit virtual school booths, request and receive interview invitations, learn about international education trends and insights at informative sessions, and more.

Our hallmark ISS in-person recruitment events are back! These in-person events are conveniently timed and located with other international school events making it easy to participate without added travel or scheduling. With our AMISA (American International Schools in the Americas) collaboration, ISS candidates can attend two recruiting events in Atlanta in December 2022. In February 2023, the fair in Washington, DC, USA will be following the AAIE conference.

ISS virtual and in-person recruitment fairs are open to all ISS EDUrecruit® candidates with a paid Premium account and updated profile. There are no exclusive invitations—all are welcome to register for the event simply and directly from your dashboard.

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During 2021-22 ISS EDUrecruit® job fairs, there were about 4,000 interviews requested. WOW!

ISS EDUrecruit® is where you see and share what really matters.

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Do Your Research with the Help of ISS EDUrecruit®

From curriculum and enrollment to school culture and activities, school profiles in the ISS EDUrecruit® ecosystem offer an extensive picture of their offerings and community. Get to know the school beyond basic details with features like:

  • Leadership video messages and videos of the school in action, right in the job postings, for those interested in learning about a school in real-time
  • Reviews and perspectives from parents, teachers, and staff
  • Detailed information about parent relations, policies, the school’s commitment to child safety, approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ), and more
  • Plus: Up-to-date information about salary and benefits for participating schools

You Can Create a Comprehensive Professional Profile About You!

The candidate profile has been carefully developed to help you showcase your qualifications, centralize your records, and make it easy for you to apply to multiple positions. Share a personalized look of your strengths as a candidate through features like:

  • Smart, searchable criteria that clearly demonstrate your qualifications and help you to be effectively identified for the most appropriate jobs
  • Confidential and detailed references, easily collected from parents, peers, and supervisors; these skills-based references from a variety of perspectives give recruiters a thorough view of your strengths
  • Job-specific questions and comments so you can share your unique point of view and voice
ISS EDUrecruit create your own profile
ISS EDUrecruit® does not permit candidate profile photos and references to native English speaker requirements, focusing instead on meaningful qualifications and criteria. The system also allows both schools and candidates to spotlight their commitment to DEIJ.

Showcase your best self

Whether you are a seasoned educator or early in your teaching career, it is important to consider where to search for teaching jobs to find quality schools. As active members in the international school community, the ISS EDUrecruit® team helps you understand what it is like to teach in an international school. Plus, our platform offers deep profiles of each recruiting school to help you determine if that school is right for you. You can easily apply for multiple teaching jobs, counselor jobs, librarian jobs and more in a variety of countries/regions directly through the platform. Our step-by-step profile builder guides you to complete information about your professional experience and competencies, as well as request references to further show your unique strengths. We also offer added resources like webinars, coaching tips, and more to help you present your strongest portfolio.

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A nonprofit organization with a global footprint

ISS has a reputation for long-standing support of international education. ISS is proud and honored to be:

  • An organization that consistently offers support finding new assignments for displaced teachers in global hotspots, such as recently in Ukraine and Myanmar.
  • A lead support and resource-provider to schools and candidates who have wrestled with the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions, including online/hybrid learning, school safety, and social and emotional health and wellness.
  • Founding and active members of the Diversity Collaborative and the International Task Force for Child Protection, and continued supporters of ongoing efforts in child protection, women’s leadership, antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion

We care deeply about the international school community. As an ISS EDUrecruit® member, you immediately become part of that global community and can tap into valuable ISS resources, expertise, and connections.

A closer look:

One candidate needed help with job options as she had been displaced due to the war in Ukraine. Her teaching partner was able to find a job on another continent. ISS staff reached out to our contacts at other schools in the candidate's new region and assisted in making introductions. The candidate was offered a position at that school.

"I wanted to inform you of some good news. I've been offered a position at … thank you for your continued support and assistance in helping me find a new position, especially after leaving Kyiv. Thanks again and I hope to work with you in the future through ISS."

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