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Managing a School

Whether you have just launched an international school, or you are looking to improve and enhance your school’s operations, ISS offers solutions to meet your demands. The range and interrelation among services is vast so you can find a solution that best supports your school improvement needs.

Robust Services

ISS OPtimize offers robust services to assist school leaders, educators, and school operations professionals. We offer complete school operations, curriculum, and professional development audits in addition to a suite of tailored services. Our consultancy solutions are designed to meet school needs: improving organizational processes, quality of service, efficiency, and ensuring the ongoing learning and development is part of the school’s workforce experience.

Our team understands the complexity of leading and running a school, and the importance of providing a safe and compliant learning environment for students and staff that meets quality assurance and accreditation standards. They can create a cohesive, fully integrated plan to support accreditation and school operations, with dedicated support for your school’s specific needs.

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ISS OPtimize provides different ways to support your existing school

ISS Consultancy Services

OPtimize consultancies are conducted virtually or on-site by recognized international educational and operational leaders committed to helping you optimize your school.

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ISS Transformation and Full Management Services

Our specialized support helps school leaders, educators, and operations professionals provide a safe, compliant, and successful learning environment, with ISS’s vast range of consultancy solutions and training opportunities.

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Professional Societies

The dedicated professional societies are designed for international school Human Resources and Facilities Management professionals around the world

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Child Protection

Develop the practical policies and protocols to help ensure safe environments

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ISS OPtimize Consultancies

OPtimize consultancies are conducted virtually or on-site by recognized international educational and operational leaders committed to helping you optimize your school.

OPtimize Educational Program Audit: Helps schools improve academic performance and enhance school reputation in the region.
OPtimize Architectural Design Services: Developed for schools considering new construction or renovation projects, this service helps define and develop your school's building program and delivers recommendations on facilities required.
OPtimize Operational Audit: Perfect for schools looking to secure operational improvements, financial sustainability, and risk mitigation.
OPtimize Strategic Planning: The ISS approach to strategic thinking for schools translates into a 2-3 year strategic plan which is manageable and results oriented.
ISS OPtimize school management services

ISS Transformation and Management Services

The ISS OPtimize team are experienced educational leaders in the field who work alongside owners, investors, board members, and school leaders to help shape and deliver your vision, customizing the approach and implementation to best meet your needs. We carefully collaborate with you to improve your school. ISS provides various models for managing schools with design consultation, products, services, and support to ensure your school is a success as an international school, while still honoring the local context and community.

Our comprehensive, global expertise enables us to efficiently mobilize the right scalable resources for you in architectural design, campus planning, recruitment, policies and procedures, procurement, curriculum development and education programming, safety and security, finance and budget planning, operations, accreditation support, professional development, and more.

For schools seeking to reach a new level of achievement, ISS experts offer support in:

  • Foundational guidance (mission, vision, values, and strategic planning)
  • Board and leadership training
  • Curriculum and professional/staff development
  • Program development
  • HR management
  • Recruitment
  • Strategic Planning

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