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ISS OPtimize consultancies tap into a vast network of experienced, subject-matter experts, and resources. The consultancies are designed to uncover underlining operational and educational challenges that prevent progress, efficiency, program effectiveness and excellence. Experienced ISS professionals provide timely assessments and proven solutions to educational or operational issues through virtual and school site consultancies.

OPtimize Educational Program Audit

Whether accredited or not, schools need an unbiased, non-judgmental review of the most important program in their schools…the educational program. With the ISS Educational Program Audit, you will receive insights and advice to help your school optimize its educational program.

Using ISS’s own audit and success discovery process, your ISS professional consultant will provide you with:

  • An analysis of your school curricula and educational performance.
  • Insights into strengths and challenges of the teaching and leadership staff.
  • School-specific recommendations for immediate and medium-term action.
  • Detailed report, slide deck, and presentations for leaders/boards/owners.
ISS OPtimize school consulting services

The Educational Program Audit includes:

  • Preliminary interviews with leadership/board/owners
  • Preview of curricula, staff qualifications, and student performance data
  • Multi-day virtual or on-site assessment of programs and instruction
  • Interviews with staff, leadership and students
  • Analysis of program strengths and tips to maximize positive impacts
  • Analysis of program challenges, with suggested actions for improvement
  • Prioritization of recommendations for immediate and medium-term impact
  • Tools to support discussions with leaders and governance of the school
  • Full summary report

Timeline: The ISS Educational Audit can be started and completed in as little as one month

“The ISS professionals who worked with the LSIS team were excellent. They took time to listen to what we needed, outlined a plan for our school, and then provided an extensive roadmap to improvement.”

K. Duker, School Owner

Learning Skills International School

OPtimize Operational Audit

School operations are subject expert matter dependent services. Too often they are overlooked until a problem arises. ISS experts understand the challenges associated with effective school operations and have developed a process to identify and address operations issues before problems arise.

This package is perfect for schools looking to secure operational improvements, financial sustainability, and risk mitigation. Your ISS professional consultant will provide you with:

  • An objective, expert review of organizational structure and culture
  • Analysis of operational policies and procedures in finance, human resources, and facilities management
  • Risk mitigation strategy
  • Tools, templates, and support services to assist in improving systems, procedures and processes.

“We worked closely with ISS consultant Dr. Yael Cass and other ISS school management and operations experts, and they were able to draw up a cost effective proposal for a change management plan to help the school. In doing so, they were able to consult our community, draw from the resources of ISS and their own professional expertise to come up with a plan that has put us on the path to recovery.”

Dr. Lindsay Stuart, School Owner and Head of School

Udon Thani International School, Thailand

The Operational Program Audit includes:

  • Interviews with operational staff and leadership
  • Preview of organizational structure, operational policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment and heat map of concerns
  • Prioritization of recommendations for immediate and medium-term impact
  • Tools to support areas of concern
  • Full summary report

Timeline: The ISS Educational Audit can be started and completed in as little as one month

OPtimize Architectural Design Consultancy Service

Schools are often looking to expand or improve facilities and having an educational partner who understands schools AND architecture is key. Dr. Yael Cass and Dr. Dick Moore are the ISS Architectural Design experts with backgrounds in both these key areas to assist you to build, renovate, or improve with the educational needs at the top of your build list.

This service is perfect for schools looking to invest in renovating or improving their facilities. Capital investments and construction projects are highly technical and can be risky areas of investment. Get expert advice from ISS professionals first. Avoid common pitfalls that waste money and time and keep you from achieving your vision.

ISS OPtimize school design services

Diagram from an ISS presentation with MBB Architects

The Architectural Design consultancy includes:

  • Assistance with defining and developing the building program
  • Recommendations on type(s) of facilities required as per school curriculum and program.
  • Detailed building educational specifications (rooms size, number of classrooms, public spaces size and locations, adjacencies, etc.)
  • Definition of spaces and formulas, as enumerated in the ISS Architectural Design Guide

“Working with Yael and the ISS team was extremely effective in giving us the tools we needed to move forward confidently in our new campus project. The technical expertise demonstrated, combined with their experience in education make them great guides in the process.”

Dr. Frank Volpe, Director General (Head of School)

American School of Quito

OPtimize Strategic Planning

Good strategic planning is an art, especially in schools. The ISS approach to strategic thinking for schools that translates into a 2 to 3 year strategic plan which is manageable and results oriented. This consulting package is limited to two schools per semester so that we can guide you through the initial phases and get you thinking, planning, and acting strategically to see results.

Using ISS’s Strategic Planning Process, Tom Hawkins and Greg Smith will help you:

  • Assess validity and relevance of your school guiding statements and previous plan
  • Gather internal and external perceptions of your school’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities
  • Develop a set of strategic imperatives and tactical action plans for implementation
  • Create an evaluation and realignment process that allows you to own your plan
ISS OPtimize school start up custom services

“Greg Smith and Tom Hawkins used their extensive background with our school to bring our community along to create our direction for the next 3-5 years!”

Daniel Rubenstein, Head of School

International School of Beijing

The Strategic Planning Process includes:

  • Provocations to assess current state of the school and ensure readiness for planning (can be done virtually)
  • Situational Analysis to gather perceptions, interview stakeholders, and analyze data relevant to the strategic vision and mission of the school (virtual and on-site)
  • Planning Sessions (on-site) to initiate the conversations which result in strategic imperatives
  • Implementation of the action plans to ensure strategic imperatives result in positive changes in the school (development and guidance provided virtually)
  • Evaluation and Realignment of the plans, imperatives, and performance indicators to ensure implementation is effective and imperatives/plans are realigned as needed

Timeline: This initial kick-start requires approximately three months to undertake, so contact the ISS team directly to launch your strategic plan soon.

OPtimize Technology Audit

Ensure your school’s technology plan is optimized to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. With the ISS Optimize Technology Audit — led by ISS Chief Innovation Officer John Burns — your school will receive a snapshot of current practices, commendations, and recommendations to pursue on your own or with the help of ISS.

This audit analyzes both the learning and operational elements of the school’s current strategy. You’ll receive work on four (4) key areas in regards to technology:

  • Vision and Leadership
  • Infrastructure and Environment
  • Community Engagement
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
ISS OPtimize school consulting services

The ISS Technology Audit includes:

  • Review of organizational structure, strategic plan and mission statements
  • Analysis of existing strategy and documentation as it relates to technology including infrastructure plans, 1:1 deployments, curriculum documents, AUPs, job descriptions, and learning spaces
  • Interviews with the leadership team, technology team, staff, student and parent cohorts
  • Prioritized recommendations for immediate and medium-term impact
  • Strategies to address areas of need
  • Resources, sample documents and exemplars where relevant
  • Full summary report and presentation

“John Burns used a generative process with all stakeholders together to broaden our thinking but then worked with us to distill our ideas down to a specific plan […] We are extremely satisfied with the work that ISS did for DAIS and would highly recommend their work to any school considering building a lab from scratch or redesigning existing facilities.”

Blair Lee, Head of School

Dalian American International School

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