“The desire to collaborate is in many ways in ISS’s DNA. Since our inception in 1955, we have worked with partners of all types – educators, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government entities – to strengthen international education. With the adoption of ISS’s strategic plan, we have re-energized that early inclination to create meaningful relationships. In our recent history, most of ISS’s core services have established new strategic relationships to better serve the international school community.”

– Liz Duffy, President

ISS will continue to seek friends and collaborations. We create relationships with forward-looking organizations to ensure that the school sector continues to adapt, innovate, and thrive as the world changes.

Here are some of our collaborative relationships:

  • AAIE
  • Clearpath
  • Common Ground Collaborative
  • Council of International Schools
  • Lumo Education
  • Mindprint Learning
  • Moreland University
  • School Specialty
  • SecurTest
  • ULink
  • Utah Valley University

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