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We understand recruiters and educators today face an unprecedented number of new circumstances and challenges. That’s why we are dedicated to reimagining global recruitment for a better future through ISS EDUrecruit®. We won’t stop adapting, innovating, learning, and supporting you.

Our new platform is faster and more focused than ever before, delivering results that exceed your expectations. Our expanded learning and development opportunities help you stay ahead of the curve and take your skills to the next level.

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Your Partner in Success

We believe in the power of human connections, and that’s why we’re always exploring new ways to bring educators together. Our growing database of diverse candidates and schools gives you the resources you need to build strong, long-lasting relationships.

We’re your dedicated partner, committed to helping you succeed whether you’re a recruiter or educator. With our innovative tools and unparalleled support, we’ll help you build a better future for your school. Don’t wait any longer – start your journey with us today.

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Take a closer look at the all-new ISS EDUrecruit® platform — faster and easier than ever!

With ISS EDUrecruit® you can expect:

  • Diverse and qualified candidate pools and expansive job opportunities
  • Integrated learning to help all leaders, educators and staff in the educational community grow and achieve their unique best
  • Dynamic and customer-focused experience, steeped with innovation and real human interaction

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Discover how we can help showcase your school and find quality candidates.

ISS EDUrecruit school pairings

Find a teaching job and receive career-enhancing support.

ISS EDUrecruit school pairings

Attend an in-person, hybrid or virtual job fair.

ISS EDUrecruit school pairings

Getting started? Hear stories and advice from other educators to learn what to expect when teaching in an international school.

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