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Find the perfect-fit international teaching placements with the help of ISS-Schrole Advantage, featuring innovative technology, dynamic job fairs, and events and people who care.

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More than 50,000 educators have trusted ISS to support their global job search, and we’re grateful for every one of those stories we’ve been a part of! As the number of international schools continues to increase, we’ve seen the need for quality teachers around the world also grow exponentially.

That’s why we’ve introduced ISS-Schrole Advantage. This recruitment ecosystem brings together more schools and educators, while supporting you with the best of technology and customer care. Over the last year, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of schools who have joined, the number of jobs posted, and the number of quality candidates. In addition, we have continued to introduce exciting new features and updates to the dashboard, making it easier than ever to find your best fit.

ISS-Schrole Advantage means unlimited access. Unlimited use. No placement fees. Just simple pricing.

Join The New Global Education Recruitment Ecosystem Today

ISS-Schrole Advantage is custom-built for recruiters and educators in a scalable, dynamic way to support the future of global recruitment. Sign up today to start finding your perfect-fit matches.

You’ll enjoy:

  • An extensive database of high-quality English-speaking candidates from across the globe
  • An intelligent candidate management system, including the innovative SmartMatch and ReferenceRubric to facilitate finding, filtering, and hiring candidates
  • An ability for candidates to apply directly to your school via the same system
  • Recruitment events, including iFairs®
  • Personalized service from our recruitment team and technical support desk in the US and Australia provides more availability across time zones
  • Added digital advertising support for hard-to-fill placements
  • Simple pricing with unlimited hires and no surprises

Take A Closer Look At The Platform

Build Your School’s Profile

Create your school profile, post your jobs and start recruiting. It’s all included with ISS-Schrole Advantage.

What’s more, at no extra charge we’ll amplify your school’s profile through our organic social media channels and highly targeted candidate emails. If you’re a Premier school, you’ll also be featured in job fair promotions.


Our finely tuned SmartMatch algorithm makes finding the perfect candidates easier than ever. Select your listed vacancy and press go. Hundreds of criteria are reviewed and weighted to match your job details, delivering suggested matches for your specific vacancy.

Custom Search

Custom Search lets you stay in complete control of the search query.

  • Teaching qualifications and experience
  • Search for favorite candidates
  • Include career aspirations in search results
  • Only candidates with teaching partners
  • Attending job fairs

Plus expanded search options for categories that have legal implications in some jurisdictions especially the UK, where they shouldn’t be used for making employment decisions, such as gender, marital status, dependents, age, citizenship, and EU passports.


Thanks to our proprietary ISS-Schrole Advantage candidate review process, all candidate profiles are checked for completeness, referrals, teaching requirements and more. Automated checks are combined with manual review by our expert education recruitment team, ensuring you only see top quality candidates.

We’ve also introduced ReferenceRubrics to improve the consistency of reference ratings on candidates, regardless of the curricula or cultural background of the referee. There are general and job-specific rubrics for teachers, administrators, librarians and counsellors – each rating the candidate using a Likert scale designed for that specific job type.


You no longer have to jump between your email program and our platform to communicate directly with candidates. You can start a conversation with a candidate directly from the candidate profile blade.

This comes with an array of other benefits:

  • Conversations are on the school record rather than personal email accounts
  • You can create group conversations
  • Invite candidates to apply to jobs and see if a candidate has already applied
  • PDF conversations to take to job fairs
  • Search for historical conversations by candidate name or conversation date

A really positive and supportive spirit that fostered great conversation and unexpected findings. The environment was just the right amount of support, professionalism, and social connection.

Dr. Rob Allison

Recruiter, ACS Beirut, Lebanon

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If you want to work in international education, start your journey here. ISS has mastered bringing together the most qualified professionals and most exciting places to teach with the right support to make excellent matches.

Jeryl Hewey


ISS-Schrole Advantage

Support over  50,000
international educators

organization to host virtual international education recruitment fairs

ISS-Schrole Advantage recruiting events a season, including in-person job fairs around the world and the online iFair ®

Nearly 25%
more schools participated in fairs the 2018-19 year than the previous season

of reporting attendees received interviews during the in-person fairs

of reporting attendees received a job offer during in-person fairs

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