School Governance and Board Workshops

Make the most of your School Board and leadership relationship for effective school governance.

School leaders and the Board of Trustees play an invaluable, strategic role in a school’s success and relationship with the entire community. The ISS team offers well-proven and effective school governance seminars as well as services to support leadership transition and policy development through customized, interactive workshops.

Build and Strengthen Capacity

Our experienced team works with both veteran and new trustees to develop a Board’s capacity to contribute to a school’s mission and vision. Through a customized and flexible approach, we work to align the right leadership with excellent governance strategies that help to drive a school’s outcomes, enrollment and sustainable resources. We incorporate best-practice principles along with a robust toolkit of governance models for international schools, whether you are at a nonprofit or for-profit, proprietary organization.


Customized Workshops

We can shape workshops based on your school’s unique needs and context. Popular topics for workshops include:

  • Fundamentals of Trusteeship in International Schools
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mission and Core Values Review
  • The Engaged Board – Principles of Good Practice
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Board Trustees
  • Governance as Leadership – using Dick Chait’s groundbreaking work that addresses the three modes of Board governance: fiduciary, strategic, and generative
  • Board Development and Training – Annual Board’s Progress
  • Monitoring, Measuring, and Evaluating the Board’s Progress
  • Board Composition
  • Onboarding of New Trustees
  • Board Succession Planning
  • Other topics, as requested

Leadership Continuity and Transition

When you hire a new school leader, the transition process is especially important. You will want to ensure continuity from the predecessor while also giving the incumbent the support needed to be the catalyst in your school and school community that you desire. 

Once we place a candidate, the ISS Leadership Search team will continue to provide transition support for the first year of new leadership including:

  • Transition plan
  • Introductions/onboarding
  • Acclimation support to the new school
  • Relationship with Board Chair and Trustees
  • Additional training opportunities
  • Regular check-ins

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