Introducing the New ISS Supply Marketplace

Streamline your entire buying process for international school supplies. The new ISS Supply Marketplace is now available!

The ISS Supply Marketplace is a new, convenient online shopping experience for you to access best-in-class products, negotiated prices, and efficiently coordinate your school’s entire ordering process — all in one place. There is no fee to join! ISS Supply Marketplace offers great service, great prices, and a new level of ease.

Coordinate Your School Staff

Automate school approvals and simplify the typical administrative burden of consolidating and updating purchase requests. If desired, you can give your teachers and staff access to the ISS Supply Marketplace so that they can view, shop, and coordinate purchase requests directly in the school’s unified shopping cart, using real-time data. Depending on your school’s infrastructure for purchasing, you can establish automated and final approvals that match your preferred administrative approval flow.

Comparison Shop Across Pricing & Features

It’s easy to search our most popular vendors and get real-time information on prices, helping you track your supply budgets and options. The intuitive search features make comparison shopping easy across a wide range of products and suppliers. Best of all, prices reflect the ISS discounts negotiated on your behalf.

Get Real-Time Inventory

It’s disappointing to discover a catalog item placed on a purchase order is no longer available. With the ISS Supply Marketplace, users can see real-time inventory so they can select products available to ship.

Build Wish Lists, Save Shopping Carts

Easily create and save shopping lists for frequently purchased items. These lists can also be shared with other ISS Marketplace users, streamlining purchase activities across your school and teams. You can also create and save shopping carts, giving you time for further budgeting, planning and discussion. As you use the ISS Marketplace, historical information and data on your school purchases will be available to help you make informed decisions from semester to semester.

Simplify Billing and Payment

No prepayment is required. Your entire ISS Marketplace order can be handled through an automated Purchase Order process. That means once you place an order, ISS can immediately begin procuring your desired items to ensure timely delivery. In addition, ISS pays all vendor invoices on the school’s behalf, giving you one consolidated invoice and reducing the typical reconciliation and accounting burden. The ISS Supply Marketplace can also be directly integrated with a wide range of school ERP and accounting software, providing you with immediate links to your budget.

Expect Hallmark ISS Customer Service

Relationships are core to ISS! You’ll receive ISS’s hallmark customer service in helping you process, track, and manage your orders and shipments.

Your account manager will give you timely information about your shipment.

Enjoy Full ISS School Supply Customer Benefits

The ISS Marketplace provides the exceptional ease of a consolidated online shopping experience — and it’s just the beginning of what you gain as an ISS School Supply customer. Our team will work hard to find top high-quality products, negotiate the best prices for you, optimize delivery schedules, navigate the complex customs clearance process, and help you to successfully get your much needed international school supplies for your school community.

Access the New ISS Supply Marketplace Today

The new ISS Supply Marketplace gives you one convenient portal to streamline your process and optimize your purchasing budget.

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