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The Diversity Collaborative (DC) is committed to creating and sustaining a more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just international school community through our focus on leadership.

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See the most recent version of NewsLinks for the Overview and Recommendations
of The Effect of Race, Nationality and Gender on International School Leadership. 
View the report’s findings here.

New Resources

Diversity Collaborative Norms

Shared agreements and practices reviewed at the start of every meeting

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Recommendations from the 2021 Leadership Pipeline Survey

Recommendations for making recruitment more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just

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Determining the Diversity Baseline in International Schools

Survey led by Anne Hilbert, Alejandra Neyra, and their colleagues at the Council of International Schools (CIS) along with the Diversity Collaborative, George Mason University (GMU), and International Schools Services (ISS).

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Antiracism Padlet

Explore a collection of Black voices, media, history, and joy; you’ll also find resources for educating yourself and students about antiracism and systemic racism, and steps for change.

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About the Diversity Collaborative

The Diversity Collaborative was first established in 2017, with 17 founding members. Today, the Diversity Collaborative has more than 1,000 members and is growing.

Our Mission

The Diversity Collaborative (DC) is committed to creating and sustaining a more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just international school community through our focus on leadership.

Our Vision

We recognize that diversity without equity, inclusion, and justice is insufficient and can perpetuate ongoing harm. Therefore, we strive not only to recognize and redistribute power, but also to eradicate the systems and structures in place that cause and have caused injustice, inequity and exclusion. We aspire to see the leadership of international schools reflect the global majority.

Our Commitments

To realize our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, the Diversity Collaborative wholeheartedly challenges all leaders, international schools and associated organizations to address the absence of diverse leadership in formal leadership positions. Concurrently, we acknowledge that anyone in a school can demonstrate leadership by serving as an agent of change. The Diversity Collaborative (DC) conducts research on the leadership pipeline and recruitment practices, provides leadership development, and advocates for international school communities to (1) critically reflect on diversity or the lack thereof, (2) develop equity-minded stakeholders, (3) promote inclusive environments, and (4) serve as social justice activists.

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Get Involved with the Diversity Collaborative Through its Committees

The organizing structure of the Diversity Collaborative includes three Facilitators and a Steering Committee to advise on DC development. This structure has been created to stay true to our collaborative model, but also have the necessary planning and support foundations to be practical and effective.

Data Committee | Co-Chairs: Liz Duffy & Beverly Shaklee

Collect data and produce and disseminate reports on BIPOC leadership and DEIJ issues within international schools.

Educational Committee | Co-Chairs: Darnell Fine & Dana Watts

Organize and promote professional development opportunities related to social justice and curate a list of recommended BIPOC speakers, consultants and facilitators.

Advocacy Committee | Co-Chairs: Hanadi Dayyeh & Nadine Richards

Work with accreditation agencies, search firms and other organizations to advance DEIJ issues across the international school sector.

Resource Committee | Co-Chair: Alysa Perreras

Post and share educational materials and tools (e.g. frameworks, videos, links, articles. etc.) for international schools interested in making progress on DEIJ issues.

Data Committee Key Priorities
  • Working with ISS and George Mason University (GMU), the Data Committee will collect data on the experience of candidates of different genders, nationalities, and races as they search for leadership positions at international schools. The committee will then disseminate the findings from that study and make the raw data available through GMU for other researchers’ use.
  • Working with the Council of International Schools (CIS), GMU, and perhaps other accreditation agencies, the Data Committee will collect data on the gender, nationalities and races of teachers, senior leaders, heads and board members at international schools. The committee will then disseminate the findings from that study and make the raw data available through GMU for other researchers to use.
  • The Data Committee will share the definitions of diversity used in both studies with other interested groups and researchers, such as regional associations, to begin to develop consistent, non-American-centric, standards for assessing diversity in international schools.
  • The Data Committee will produce case studies highlighting practices and programs that have successfully increased the diversity of leadership at international schools.
Advocacy Committee Key Priorities

The committee will build systems to advocate for the global majority to be reflected within the staff at major recruitment agencies and work with accreditation agencies, search firms, and governance trainers to develop best and sustainable practices regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

  • Produce language, rubrics, and materials for suggested standards, policies, and protocols for school accreditation agencies to affect systematic changes
  • Produce advocacy framework (protocols) for search agencies to impact systematic changes in recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retention of diverse leaders and faculty
  • Establish restorative protocols for reporting and accountability and use baseline data to analyze and interrogate systems
  • Develop a growth continuum for DEIJ to engage the international community in a process of self-assessment and external evaluation
  • Build systems of advocacy, mentoring, and sponsorship that is restorative for the BIPOC community
Educational Committee Key Priorities

The Educational Committee will organize and promote professional learning opportunities that:

  • Encourage critical reflection related to DEIJ
  • Develop educators’ skills, knowledge, and dispositions related to DEIJ
  • Build diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just school environments
  • Engage in DEIJ causes with communities beyond the confines of school
Resource Committee Key Priorities
  • Develop a protocol to review and evaluate materials that are aligned with the DC mission and vision and move our communities closer to justice
  • Further develop the educational materials for the DC resource bank and Padlet
  • Create a space for DC members to share their experiences and feedback on the use of specific tools and resources within their context

 Upcoming Diversity Collaborative Meetings

All Diversity Collaborative meetings are held from 8:30 am – 9:30 am New York time.

Monday, January 24th, 2022
Monday, March 28th, 2022
Monday, May 16th, 2022

Darnell Fine leads workshop on Implicit Bias during Diversity Collaborative video meeting

This bookmark is available to accompany all of your reading. 
You can also download the booklist here.

Don’t Miss These Events Happening in our Global Community


January 14, 22, and 29, 2022

DEIJ for Educators: Creating More Equitable School Environments

This interactive course is designed to increase participants’ awareness of bias, discrimination, and privilege in their own lives, in the lives of their students, and in their school communities.



January 24, 2022

Diversity Collaborative Member Meeting

Hear the results of a survey of the diversity baseline among leadership in international schools. Reconnect with other members to hear the latest updates from the community and engage in thought-provoking discussions to advance the work of DEIJ.


February 15, 2022

Transgender Student Support Toolkit for International School Counselors and Educators

The objective of this course is to cultivate a deeper understanding of gender diversity and establish practical structures and skills to support transgender students and make your international school safer and more inclusive.


During the spring of 2019, the Diversity Collaborative, a voluntary group of international educators, initiated a research study by partnering with ISC Research and George Mason University. The goal was to survey the field of accredited international schools to establish a baseline of information in the international school sector about school leadership and diversity. The study was distributed to approximately 2,676 accredited international schools. All are encouraged to download and share this information broadly. The following are available: research brief, executive summary, video, and full report.

International DEIJ Consultants and Facilitators

Each of the facilitators and consultants included on the list below offers professional learning experiences that educate and inspire participants to be agents of change. Through interactive and consciousness-raising workshops, each facilitator seeks to empower participants on their journey towards diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. Participants should expect to come away from workshops and learning experiences with higher self-efficacy, knowledge, and skills in multicultural and social justice education.

Ordered by regions, please find the list of facilitators and their contact information below, and you will find bios of all the consultants here. Note – Due to facilitator and consultant work schedules, it may be more convenient to reach out to a facilitator or consultant located in a different timezone from you.

Suggested scale for facilitation and consultation services, quoted in USD: please download here.

Safaa Abdelmagid, Africa

Amin Hussain, Africa

Sagda Khalil, Africa

Ying Chu, Asia, Middle East, & Australia

Darnell Fine, Asia, Middle East, & Australia

Renée Green, Asia, Middle East, & Australia


Cynthia Roberson, Asia, Middle East, & Australia


Daniel Wickner, Asia, Middle East, & Australia

Angeline Aow, Europe


Emily Meadows, Ph.D., (LGBTQ+), Europe

Sean Ross, Europe


Ayodele Harrison, North & South America (incl Caribbean)


Marla Hunter, North & South America (incl Caribbean)


Alysa Perreras, North & South America (incl Caribbean)

Homa Tavangar, North & South America (incl Caribbean)

Presentations and Helpful Resources

Diversity by Design

Proposal Presented by the Advocacy Committee.

Download »


Diversity Collaborative AIELOC Presentation

Presented at AIELOC Community Visioning
May 2021

Download »

Diversity Collaborative Member Meeting Presentation

Presented at a Member Meeting
May 2021

Download »

DEIJ Pathways to Change

Presented at AAIE Annual Conversation
April 2021

Download »

Exploring Implicit Bias

Presented by Darnell Fine, at Diversity Collaborative Member Meeting
September 2020

Download »

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice in Our International Schools

Presented at AAIE Action Through Conversation
June 2020

Download »

Frameworks, Tools and Strategies for Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Among International School Leadership

Presented at NESA Fall Leadership Conference
October 2019

Download »

From Resistance to Sustainability and Leadership: Cultivating Diverse Leaders in International Schools

Presented at NESA Fall Leadership Conference
October 2019

Download »

Frameworks, Tools and Strategies for Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Among International School Leadership

Presented at NESA Fall Leadership Conference
October 2019

Download »

The School Leadership Pipeline: Ensuring Robust Leadership Development at Independent Schools

Presented at NAIS Annual Conference
February 2019

Download »

Women & Leadership: Patterns, Strategies and Tools for Navigating Your Leadership Journey

Presented at NAIS Annual Conference
February 2019

Download »

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