Child Protection

ISS is a leader in efforts to prevent the sexual abuse of children in the International School Community and encourages all individuals to take an active role in child protection.

Our Work Is Focused In Three Key Areas

  • ISS is a founding member of the International Task Force for Child Protection, along with CIS, COBIS, AISH, The US State Department, AAIE, ECIC and ICMEC
  • ISS is collaborating with ICMEC to provide more training and awareness for educational professionals
  • As a certified facilitator, ISS hosts Darkness to Light training sessions
  • ISS can help schools develop and implement policy Recruitment Practices
  • All ISS Global Recruitment Staff receive child protection training
  • ISS provides recruitment guidelines for schools related to child protection screening
  • ISS facilitates and encourages police background checks for recruiting teachers at ISS Managed Schools
  • ISS Managed Schools have adopted best practice child protection policies and procedures.
  • Faculty at ISS Managed Schools receives regular training.

Articles And Resources

Update on Child Protection in International Schools

School Safety and Security

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