2019 Diversity Collaborative Survey Results Released

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PRINCETON NJ, USA (September 20, 2019) – Survey results from the inaugural Diversity Collaborative Survey (DCS) have been released, creating one of the first baselines of information on international school leadership and diversity. The research study was initiated in spring 2019 by the Diversity Collaborative, which partnered with ISC Research and the Center for International Education at George Mason University to design and administer the survey and analyze the responses. The survey was sent to 2,676 accredited international schools around the world.

According to Maddy Hewitt, Executive Director of the Near East South Asian (NESA) Council of Overseas Schools and a co-chair of the Diversity Collaborative, “This survey is significant because our International School community may now use concrete findings to drive positive change.

The research summary includes eight key findings and presents an Integrated Organizational Framework to help international schools and organizations serving them become more intercultural. In addition, the report provides both school-level and global recommendations to increase DEI-J leadership in international schools. The study defined DEI-J as:

Diversity: the presence of difference
Equity: ensuring everyone has access to the same opportunities
Inclusion: embracing and valuing differences
Justice: systems, policies, and practices that ensure DEI

Dr. Beth Pfannl, Vice President, Administrative Searches and Governance Services for International Schools Services and a co-chair of the Diversity Collaborative, said, “Over the years I have seen more attention given to diversity in leadership positions around the world; however, there continues to be a lot of room for growth in this area Beverly Shaklee, Director of the Center for International Education and Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at George Mason University, helped to lead the survey development and analysis and expects this work to continue. “The study of diversity of leadership in international schools is not a ‘one and done’ report,” said Dr. Shaklee. “It is a continuous commitment to elevating the conversation around issues of equity, diversity and justice, first at the leadership level and then throughout the entire community.”

Dr. Shaklee continued, “International schools have the opportunity to mirror the best of world-wide practices. My hope is that we will continue to gather information, inform practice and provide support for those who make this life- long commitment to the students, families, teachers and community that we serve.”

View the video and download the report resources here. Download the full report here.

For more information about joining the Diversity Collaborative, contact infodiversitycollaborative@iss.edu.

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