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Whether you have just launched an international school, or you are looking to improve and enhance your school’s operations, ISS offers consultancy solutions to meet your demands. The range and interrelation among services is vast so you can find a solution that best supports your school management and operations needs.

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The ISS School Operations Team offers a collection of support services to assist school leaders, educators and school operations professionals to provide a safe and compliant learning environment for students and staff that meets quality assurance and accreditation standards by improving organizational processes, quality of service, efficiency, and ensuring the ongoing learning and development is part of the school’s workforce experience.

In some cases, bespoke or tailored services are available, but the benefit of a school management contract allows you to create a cohesive, fully integrated plan to support accreditation and school operations, with dedicated support from ISS experts. Contact us »


Consultancy Options

To get started, we can offer a complete school operation audit and report as well as a curriculum and professional development audit. These services are typically completed onsite but can be done virtually depending on your campus situation and current safety protocols. In addition, we offer a spectrum of tailored services depending on the areas that need to be enhanced or refined:

Budget and Finance Support

From budget planning to forecasting, ISS can help you with process and review. Our benchmarking and analyses provide optics to analyze and optimize a school’s financial situation to allow for better planning, decisions, and financial sustainability.

We also offer full accounting back-office support, foundations management, and support with US payroll

Educational Programming and Curriculum

We offer full curriculum and professional development audits to assess the current situation; for those just beginning, we can provide full educational design services.

ISS can help you with the establishment of educational programs, pedagogical approaches, and curriculum frameworks. We also provide deep assistance related to the selection and development of the most appropriate educational outcomes, standards, and practices.

You can also receive consultation, development, and implementation of new education programs and services.

Health, Safety, and Security Services

Keeping facilities and the school community safe is of paramount importance. Get guidance with health and safety frameworks, risk management reviews and plans, as well as the development of health and safety frameworks and policies.

Marketing and Enrollment Support

Design effective admission policies and develop necessary implementation practices.

Get guidance on how to create a marketing strategy and communication plan that can drive enrollments and support retention and engagement among your school community.

Professional Development Programs

While professional development in teaching and learning is critical, so is staff development for those who are responsible for the smooth operations of the entire school. Training covers topics from finance to human resources to risk management, facilities, and more.

Human Resources and Staffing

Get insights on salary norms, benchmarking, and teacher contracts to support your full staffing plan and tap into our ISS-Schrole Advantage global recruitment platform to access thousands of PK-12 international educators.

Our Administrative Search service helps you and your stakeholders find a custom-selected leader for your school, based on your school’s unique needs, across our global network.

Get support with organizational charts, teacher-student ratios, policies and processes, staff handbooks, appraisal development, satisfaction surveys, and more.

Facilities and Design Support

From support with annual compliance reviews to guidance on maintenance contracts and more, these services can help you keep your campus and school buildings running smoothly.

Gain considerable purchase power for your fixtures/furniture/equipment (FF&E) investments, including technology, with the help of our School Supply team experts, who can navigate contracts and customs to get you the best supplies.

Legal Liability and Risk Management Guidance

Managing the health risks to students and employees is of paramount importance. At the same time, one cannot ignore the significant civil and criminal liability that our actions and/or inactions may engender in operating a school. Get guidance to identify the most significant liability factors from a legal perspective and learn risk reduction strategies.

Governance, Policy and Procedures

We can help you set up the necessary governance structure and create all policy and procedure artifacts. In addition, training services are available for school leaders and boards.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive start up, launch and management service packages for new international schools. Senior Leadership Executives work with clients and coach school heads and leadership teams to achieve agreed results. You can count on a delivery of effective strategies and plans for school improvement to help you improve instruction and enhance your reputation and differentiation of your school in your local market and within the region.

Upcoming Workshops Focused on School Management and Operations

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APPA Leadership Academy: Level I: Individual Effectiveness Skills

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APPA Leadership Academy: Level II: Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

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Looking for Professional Development?

Check out our many different sessions covering school management and operations.

Turnaround Services

While we regularly help well-operating schools optimize their performance, we can also provide turnaround services to help underperforming schools reach desired performance levels. ISS experts can offer an analysis of the challenges and support in areas such as:

  • Development of foundational guidance (mission, vision, values, and strategic planning)
  • Board and leadership training to ensure alignment to the vision
  • Management coaching and leadership development
  • Innovative program development (curricular, co-curricular, guidance, operational, technological)
  • Professional development for local operational staff
  • Human resources management and recruitment of high-quality educational professionals
  • Benchmarking of educational and operational results

Now more than ever, school leaders and their senior support staff must quickly acquire specialized expertise in a range of topics from facilities management to human resources. ISS provides a spectrum of solutions to support international schools. Contact us to ask about our short-term or online consulting, full consulting packages, and professional development options..

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