School Governance

School leaders and the Board of Directors play a critical role in a school’s success and relationship with the entire community. ISS’s experienced trainers offer effective governance seminars as well as services to support leadership transition and policy development through customized, interactive workshops.

We Can Help You:

  • Create efficient governance structures, including clear roles and responsibilities for fiduciary, strategic, and generative roles
  • Make a smooth transition into new administrations
  • Understand best practices and develop action plans to adopt fiscal policy, endowments, strategic planning, and more
  • Develop institutional policy
  • Enhance school development in areas such as long-term planning

Available Services

Boards may select from one or more of the following topics:

  • Governance roles and responsibilities and those of the School Head
  • Relationship development, team building, and board etiquette
  • Increasing the capacity of the Board to perform its fiduciary, strategic, and generative roles
  • Advancing the Board’s effectiveness from good to great

Other tasks that may be customized to the needs of the Board and School:

  • Establishing an initial Board and a school governance model
  • The role of the Board and School Head/Director in risk management and aversion
  • Both the Head’s and the Board’s performance assessments and renewals
  • Establishing, charging, and effectively utilizing Board sub-committees
  • Strategic planning as an essential process
  • Accreditation seminar to prepare for school improvement and student advancement
  • Succession and leadership continuity planning
  • Establishing and building an endowment and capital campaign

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