Robert Stearns

Senior Leadership Executive

Graduating with an Honours B.Sc. in Biology, Robert began his career as an agricultural researcher studying animal diseases. His drive to share his passion for science and discovery ultimately led him from the laboratory to the classroom. After earning his B.Ed. at Queen’s University in Ontario, he taught high school biology and chemistry in that province for 25 years. Moving to international schools in 2000, Robert became involved with school administration, major school renovation, and construction projects. Now, with over 40 years teaching, leading and building schools in Ontario, Europe and Asia, Robert is thrilled to be able to offer his assistance as a Senior Leadership Executive with ISS schools in China. Robert shares his life with Yvonne, an impassioned, dedicated early childhood educator in Canada, Germany and Hong Kong. Both enjoy working on the eco-sustainable home they built for themselves in a small Ontario town and spending their free time biking and canoeing in the Canadian countryside.

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