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ISS has a deep and long-standing commitment to the international community. We work with more than 800 schools across our suite of services and interact with tens of thousands of educators and school leaders each year. We are active and constantly involved in helping schools grow.

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Our Administrative Search team has conducted more than 1,000 leadership searches across 6 continents and is focused on creating positive, productive collaborations between schools and leaders. The multidisciplinary team of former heads of school and industry recruitment professionals enables us to create effective, efficient and successful leadership searches for all involved, anchored in intercultural competency, deep understanding of international schools today, a commitment to diversity, and an emphasis on professional outcomes.

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Our unparalleled tailored process, international education and industry experience, and personalized approach provide you with exceptional candidates that are aligned with your school’s unique needs.

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Our focus on getting to know leadership candidates and their unique backgrounds while communicating and coaching, will help you be prepared to find the right role for you.

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We have helped fill school administrator vacancies on six continents. Whether the school is located in North America, Europe, Asia, or any other corner of the world, we can help search committees and prospective candidates come together to successfully fill the next Head of School, Principal, or other School Administrator position!

BY THE NUMBERS: ISS Administrative Searches

Conducted more than 1,000 leadership searches
across 6 continents

Work with 800
schools around the world

Helped over 50,000 educators in their international
job search

leader in education

Leadership Spotlights

The ISS Administrative Search team went beyond expectations to really get to know our school culture and help us define the traits we were looking for in our next leader. Their consultants are experienced school administrators and I valued their knowledge and the care they took to find us strong candidates. – Recruiter, Tashkent International School

International Schools Services was very supportive throughout my job search process. The feedback that they provided, as well as advice and support, helped me find a perfect fit for what I was looking to find. I appreciate the guidance that I received from several of the recruiters that I met. I felt that they were able to see my strengths, and offered strong advice about positions that would fit my skill set. – K.S, Candidate

I really appreciated the mentoring that came with our initial talk. I love an interview where I learn and grow. The questions were challenging and through provoking but then the surprise coaching came. I feel like I can express my experience and ideas in a more complete way after our talk.– J.W, Candidate

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