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Great leaders bring out the best in a school – but to get there, you need a great search to find the best leaders. When you team up with the ISS Administrative Search team to find your next Head of School, Principal, or School Administrator, we do more than just access our global network of school leaders.

We engage in a thoughtful review process of every candidate’s qualifications, character, and fit so you can confidently hire a leader who will make your school shine.

Each school is unique, so it’s important to have a search for your next school leader that is specifically tailored to your school’s unique needs, and the key characteristics that you and your school community value.

We help you find a leader who is custom-selected for your international school. With an ISS Search you gain access to a vast network of potential candidates and experience a smooth, focused search process that maximizes your stakeholder engagement and the quality of the candidate pool, while providing turn key ease.

ISS has successfully placed effective international leaders on five continents. We have helped fill school administrator vacancies in the US, China, UAE, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Kuwait, Mexico, and Brazil, along with many European countries such as Italy, France, Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria, and more. Whether your school is located in Myanmar, Ethiopia or any other corner of the world, we can help you hire your next Head of School, Principal or School Administrator.

ISS Helps You Fill Your International School Leadership Vacancies By:

  • Delivering deep insights into the capabilities, interpersonal skills and cultural competencies needed to lead an international school.
  • Conducting a thoughtful SWOT analysis, intended to articulate a shared understanding of the core features of the School, the major challenges and opportunities that the incoming leader will face, and the key characteristics that the school community is looking for in the School’s next leader.
  • Carefully managing the full recruitment, screening, and interviewing process to maximize engagement at pivotal points but relaxes the intensity of the overall process.

A Vibrant, Ever-Evolving Network

Each year, we work directly with more than 500 international schools and are active in professional conferences and thought leadership events. Our team is uniquely positioned to get to know an incredibly large network of diverse international educators.

ISS’s Administrative Searches give you access to this vibrant, ever-evolving community of global educators. We will introduce you to both seasoned professionals and rising stars for your next Head of School search or other education leadership vacancy.

We have covered North America, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Our team is currently engaged in schools, giving us an advantage to get to know rising stars, non-traditional candidates, and a vast network of educational leaders throughout the world.

Recently Filled School Leadership Vacancies

Our experience with ISS was simply outstanding. Throughout our principal search process, the ISS team worked at the highest level of professionalism and efficiency while also maintaining a personal and individualized focus. Our search committee especially appreciated the time ISS invested in understanding our school’s context, cultural nuances, and particular needs, which all contributed to ensuring a successful search process. The deep knowledge and understanding of international schools exhibited by the ISS team was both impressive and appreciated.

Barry Dequanne

Head of School, International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland

ISS Administrative Search

750+ administrative searches
conducted across 5 continents

Searches handled by former Heads of School carrying out multi-point SWOT Analysis

ISS has worked with 500 schools and
helped over 50,000 educators in their international job search

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