Webinar Series

Educators Supporting Educators: Transitions to Online Learning

Get insights, tips and resources from educators who have already transitioned to online learning. In this webinar series, ISS is bringing together educators who have been learning literally every day about how to quickly adapt their classroom teaching to new online learning environments.

Specialists Webinar

April 1, 2020

In this second webinar, we focused on the unique needs of specialists in online environments. International educators who have been teaching online since early 2020 helped facilitate this discussion.

Notes from the Chat: Download »

Helpful links & resources from the webinar & shared in the chat:

General Resources

Music Education Resources

Art Education Resources

Physical Ed, Movement, and Dance Resources

Meet the Presenters

Nyssa Brown, International Music and Arts Education Consultant

After 21 years of teaching students and facilitating professional development in the US public schools and international schools, Nyssa founded her consulting company, Music Ed Forward. Currently, she consults with music teams, curriculum directors and school communities around the world about transforming students, teachers and communities through music education. Nyssa started the “E-Learning in Music Education” Facebook group to support teachers as we transition to online learning.

Carlos Galves, PE Guru

Time Spent Teaching Online: 9 Weeks

Carlos’ passion for education began at a young age, teaching English in Guatemala City. His educator journey has since taken him to Italy, China and Vietnam, eventually finding his truest passion in Physical Education. Currently Carlos works at Saigon South International School where he loves challenging students to always think bigger. He also started #PubPDasia in 2017, a PLN that has now expanded globally.

Ishitaa Gidwani, Upper Primary PE Teacher

Time Spent Teaching Online: 9 Weeks

Born and brought up in Hong Kong, Ishitaa is familiar with the International School system. She has been teaching for 4 years in Hong Kong. She was trained in Secondary PE, but after having the opportunity to teach at The Upper Primary school at HKIS, she now absolutely loves teaching at the elementary level.

Stephanie Gravelle, MS/HS Choir Teacher

Time Spent Teaching Online: 8 Weeks

Stephanie has been teaching all sorts of music in all sorts of places for the last decade. She uses her Midwest work ethic, her NYC attitude, and her expat flexibility to roll with the punches without taking guff, but always with a smile.

Jules White, PYP/MYP & DP Art Educator

Time Spent Teaching Online: 8 Weeks

Jules has been teaching internationally for the last 20 years. She is currently teaching Elementary Art in Hong Kong. Art lessons have been delivered in an asynchronous fashion, creating weekly videos to accompany a website. She has then attended virtual classes, touching base with her students regularly.