Webinar Series

School Management Series: Practical Transitions

Get insights, tips and resources from educators and experts who are navigating the initial transition to online learning and then plans to return to campus. In this webinar series, ISS is bringing together professionals who can share their experiences and expertise to help other school leaders adapt to the changing situations.

Back to School – School Operation Practices in the New Normal

May 19, 2020

This webinar continued to explore strategies to manage the return to campus in the yet to be defined ‘New Normal’. The panel included experts in school health, school counseling, occupational health and safety, facilities, and public health.

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Meet the Presenters

Professor Ronit Calderon-Margalit

Professor Calderon-Margalit is an accomplished prof. for epidemiology and an expert in public health at the Hebrew University Hadassah Braun School of Public Health in Israel. She has over 15 years of experience in epidemiology and public health research and currently holds positions in various national and international public health committees. Prof. Calderon-Margalit is the Director of the Israeli National Program for Quality Indicators in Community Healthcare, the Principal investigator at the Hebrew University, Center of Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health, a member of the Israel Ministry of Health Central (Supreme) Helsinki Committee, a member, at the directorate of the National Program for Quality Indicators in Community Healthcare and a member, Hadassah Medical Center Helsinki subcommittee for non-experimental studies.

Yael Cass

Yael is ISS Senior Leadership Executive for school operations and Facility Management.
Yael Cass has over 13 years of experience in designing and managing construction projects as well as management and leadership experience in both the business and the non-for-profit sectors. Yael and served as a Vice Principal at the International Community School of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and as a school accreditation team member for Middle States Association. She currently completing her PhD in Built Environment and Project Planning at RMIT University and co authoring the ISS Architectural Guide Book.

Martin Leitch

Martin Leitch is a prominent Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Facility Management (FM) professional with in excess of 40 years’ experience. Martin has delivered a range of strategic OHS and FM consultancy services to public and private sector organisations in the UK and Australia. He also developed the learning materials for Australia’s first facilities management diploma program. Martin has worked with a range of organizations, including educational institutions in the public, private and international sectors.

Dr. Timothy Woo

Dr. Woo is the Wellbeing Guidance Counsellor at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. He holds a Doctorate, Masters and Bachelor degrees in social work. Dr. Woo has had experiences as a school guidance counsellor, family service child protection worker and as the adolescent social worker in a rehabilitation hospital for children with special needs. He also has had experiences as a program coordinator with an NGO geared towards youth drug education and prevention.

Beth Younce

Beth Younce, a Licensed School Nurse, is the Health Services Supervisor for Mill River Unified Union School District in Clarendon, Vermont, where she oversees health operations. Beth has over 25 years of nursing experience primarily in the inner city and suburbs of Chicago, specializing in ICU/CCU. Beth served as a school nurse in a large suburban district of 30,000 students. An active member of the Vermont State School Nurses Association, Beth is assisting that group’s Guidelines Committee to develop consistent, comprehensive state-wide return to school protocols and practices (in conjunction with CDC and the Vermont Department of Health). Beth also serves on the Board of Directors for The Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont and the Board of Directors for Arlington (VT) Community Public Health Services.