Online Learning

A Strategic Approach for K-12 Schools

With the recent emergence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in SE Asia, many schools have made the switch to a 100% online learning environment. This is a snapshot of the recent work of many schools and individuals in regards to policy, technical operations, teaching and learning and community wellness.

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Policies & Guidelines

“I’ve been tremendously impressed by the resilience and grit of both teachers and students. Though we are apart, the sharing of resources, best practices, and efforts to boost each other up through acts of kindness has been inspiring.”
– Chris Boyle, Secondary School Principal, Dalian American International School

Making the rapid shift

Not sure where to start? These 5 tips should get you going.
International Schools Services

Online Learning Policy

Sample online learning guidelines for a K-12 school.
Riffa Views International School

Parent Guidelines

Sample online learning guidelines for the parent community.
Riffa Views International School

IT Operations

“It’s critical to be as available as much as possible. Expect a significant uptick in help-desk requests. A simple phone call or email can go a long way.”
– Robert Park, IT Manager, Shekou International School

Top 8 tips for IT Managers

Your whole campus is shifting online. What do you prioritise?
Robert Park

Support Portal

A great example of how to maintain ongoing communication and support
Nansha College Prepatory Academy

Proactive troubleshooting

Tips and tricks for helping your community help themselves
Rob Cormack

Online Pedagogies

“Online learning requires extra considerations for all learners, especially ELLs who are suddenly thrust into a reading and writing world even though speaking and listening may be their strength.”
– Lisa Jenkin, Team Lead Student Support, Shekou International School

Recommended Curriculum Resources

A curated document related to online learning and teaching
Laura Benson

Daily Checklist

A handy reference for students as they engage in online learning
Yosef Tewolde

A week online

How might you structure a week of online learning?
Jennifer Chang Wathall

Pedagogical strategies

15 tips for educators when working online
Global Online Academy

Making it work in the Early Years

Early years provides a unique set of challenges for students, parents and teachers alike.
Mikayla Staffen

Library Guide

Beth Rohrbeck

Specialists: Art

Check out this snapshot of a visual arts lesson
Emily Honsberger

Specialists: PE

YouTube is flush with indoor physical activities for even the smallest of spaces.

Tools and Platforms

“It’s important to be flexible and patient when working with new tools. It can be a stressful time so try to be understanding when deadlines are inevitably missed. The learning curve can be steep.”
– Edward Bruce, Learning Innovation Coach, Shekou International School

Need something right now?

Padlet is a simple / free way to set up a learning space. No student login required.

Want more flexibility?

Check out this list of useful tools for creating online learning experiences.
Edward Bruce

Preparing for the longer term?

Google Classroom is a comprehensive / free solution for schools. Those without access can leverage Microsoft Teams.

Community Wellness

“I miss my friends…”
– Middle school student

Wellness checklist

Strategies for personal check-ins with both students and staff
Sonya terBorg

Upsetting news

How can we better deal with upsetting news?

Tips for healthy tech use at home

Guidelines to manage screen-time and personal health at home
Western Academy of Beijing

Reading tips for parents

Some simple questions to assist parents with reading with their child.
Laura Benson

Indoor activities for children

Some prompts to battle boredom at home

Share your resources

We have created a form to gather resources throughout our international community of online resources. Please feel free to share links or ideas.

Huge thanks to all those currently sharing their practice

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