Webinar Series

Educators Supporting Educators: Transitions to Online Learning

Get insights, tips and resources from educators who have already transitioned to online learning. In this webinar series, ISS is bringing together educators who have been learning literally every day about how to quickly adapt their classroom teaching to new online learning environments.

Meet the Presenters

Janice Dwyer

Janice has over 20 years of experience teaching at international schools, working with learners ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 8. She currently leads the Reception team at CIS, a collaborative, dual-language school and LOVES her job. Janice is grateful to learn from and be inspired daily by her students and colleagues.

Nicola Foote

Nici has been teaching internationally for 13 years. She has experience in teaching students of all ages, from Early Years to Grade 12 and currently resides in the wild of Kindergarten. Nici is passionate about inquiry and creating environments where students take the lead in their learning.

Sean Forde

Sean is in his second year as Elementary EdTech Coach at Chadwick International & fifth year overall at Chadwick. Prior to jumping international, he was the 1st-2nd Grade teacher in the remote Alaskan village of Russian Mission. He is always looking for ways to breakdown classroom walls and build global collaboration.