Webinar Series

Educators Supporting Educators: Transitions to Online Learning

Get insights, tips and resources from educators who have already transitioned to online learning. In this webinar series, ISS is bringing together educators who have been learning literally every day about how to quickly adapt their classroom teaching to new online learning environments.

Assessment Webinar

April 15, 2020

In our fourth webinar series, we focused on the unique considerations of offering students feedback and supporting their growth with online assessment practices and tools.  International educators who have been teaching online since early 2020 or directly supporting online education efforts over the last months helped facilitate this discussion.

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General Resources for Online Assessment

Grading and Reporting

Early Years Questions

Secondary, IB, AP & Higher Ed

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Specific Tools

Meet the Presenters

Diana Beabout, Innovation Coach

Teaching Online Since February 2020

Diana has been a teacher, coach and mentor in the United States and abroad for over 20 years. She has experience in educational technology and instructional coaching to support teachers, teams and schools in transforming practice with the use of contemporary learning strategies and technology. Additionally, she is a mentor and course facilitator for online professional development at Eduro Learning.

Brent Brayko, Associate Principal for Teaching & Learning

Teaching Online Since February 2020

Brent taught Social Science and was a curriculum leader in Wisconsin for 17 years before moving abroad. For the past 10 years he has been an administrator in Korea and Hong Kong International School, High School. As Associate Principal for Teaching & Learning, Brent has helped lead HKIS through shifts in grading and assessment philosophy and practice as well as helping create cultures of collaboration.

Amanda DeCardy, Director LEVEL 5 China

Teaching Online Since February 2020

Amanda DeCardy is a highly experienced facilitator, ADE, NWEA coach and educator and is currently the Director of LEVEL 5, a creativity and innovation hub for educators.

Kirsten Durward, PYP Coordinator

Teaching Online Since March 2020

Kirsten Durward is the PYP Coordinator at KIS International School in Bangkok. With leadership experience in 5 schools, her focus is working with educators to improve learning. An IB trainer, Concept based Curriculum Trainer and Cognitive Coach, Kirsten is currently running a platform supporting teachers transitioning to online learning and is in the process of forming a global collective for Educator Development alongside her Learning Focused Education Consultancy.

Ken O'Connor, Author and Consultant

Assess for Success Consulting Inc.

Ken O’Connor is an independent consultant on grading and reporting. He is the author of How to Grade for Learning: K-12, Fourth Edition, Corwin, 2018: Standards-Based Grading Quick Reference Guide, LSI, 2017: The School Leaders Guide to Grading, Solution Tree, 2013: A Repair Kit for Grading: 15 Fixes for Broken Grades. Second Edition, Pearson, 2011, and Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades: A Repair Kit, Pearson, Toronto, 2012.