Leadership Spotlight: Aleksa Moss

ISS Leadership Search was honored to support the Early Childhood Principal search for Cayman International School (CIS) in Camana Bay, Grand Cayman. Congratulations to Aleksa Moss for accepting the position, beginning August 2024! Aleksa is currently the Head of Early Years at Utahloy International School. 

Aleksa holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Theatre Studies/Aesthetics and Criticism from York University, Canada; a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Governors State University, USA; a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Digital Teaching and Learning from the American College of Education, USA; and a Doctorate in International Educational Leadership from the American College of Education, USA. Her career has taken her to the USA; Macau; Sumatra, Indonesia; Shanghai and Guangzhou, China

In this feature, hear about Aleksa’s passion for education, her philosophy on fostering inclusive learning environments, and why she looks forward to this new chapter ahead at Cayman International School!

What drew you to pursue the world of education? And what drew you into international education specifically?

The easy answer is that education is a family calling. My grandmother was a school librarian, my father is a school administrator and teacher, my sister is a high school teacher. But beyond education being a family business, I love to learn about our world and I love to learn how to do new things. Working in the field of education makes that nerdy part of myself a norm, as so many educators describe ourselves as lifelong learners. The field then gives me the opportunity to share my love of learning with new generations of children.


Aleksa and husband Mat Walsh revisiting the ruins of St Paul in Macau once the borders reopened 2022

Please tell us about your education philosophy and your leadership style. What can your new community expect?

As an educator with a diverse background and extensive experience in early childhood education and curriculum development, my philosophy revolves around fostering a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that empowers children to become lifelong learners. I believe in engaging children through hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences that nurture their curiosity, critical thinking skills, and creativity.

My philosophy is deeply rooted in inquiry-based teaching and learning, which emphasizes the importance of individualized learning and the development of independence, self-motivation, and self-discipline. I believe that each child has unique talents, abilities, and learning styles, and it is my role as an educator to create a classroom environment that respects and celebrates these individual differences.



Congratulations on your upcoming role at Cayman International School! What are you excited about in this new role?

I am excited to join the CIS community to have the opportunity to work on a team with so many great educators. Throughout the interview process I was repeatedly impressed by the thoughtful questions, and warmth and kindness of each of the teachers and leaders from the school. I hope to continue the strength and stability of the existing program, while also adding a bit of my own personality and caring touches in the coming years.

Cayman International School (CIS)
Canyoning near Cebu, Philippines Christmas 2015

What was your experience with ISS Leadership Search like?

The personal touch and transparent communication have been such an asset in our decision making process. The leadership recruitment process with ISS was clearly communicated to me as a candidate, minimizing the stress of a naturally stressful time.


What is an interesting fact or story about you that you would like to share?

Very much in spite of being afraid of heights I have sky dived from a plane in Lithuania, jumped 40 meters off a cliff into a lake on the Philippines, hiked the Alps, and paraglided in the Himalayas. All of that to say, I do not let fear or nerves stand in the way of amazing experiences.


Our thanks to Aleksa for sharing these reflections. Wishing her family (cats included!) the very best in this new chapter in the Cayman Islands! We look forward to seeing Aleksa’s leadership at work alongside the CIS community. You can follow her on Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you’re interested in pursuing a school leadership position, please check out our current leadership searches or get in touch with the ISS Leadership Search Team.

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