Leadership Spotlight: Megan Kuemmerlin

In September 2020, United Lisbon International School (ULIS) will open its doors as a new ISS managed school. ISS is excited to serve the students and community of Lisbon, and the ISS Administrative Search Team is proud to have led the selection process for the ULIS Founding Lower School Principal. Congratulations to Megan Kuemmerlin for taking the position, beginning August 2020!

Currently the Upper Primary Assistant Principal at Shekou International School (SIS), Megan’s career in education has taken her to China, the US, and Brazil. She will be joined by husband Jess Kuemmerlin and children Tae and Elea on their 2020 journey to Portugal.

Megan holds a Bachelors in Elementary Education from Furman University, Masters in International Education Administration from Endicott College, and Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL). Learn more about her story in education and what she looks forward to in the next chapter!


What drew you to pursue the world of education?

I love everything about education. I feel fortunate to be a small part when a student feels success, makes a connection, collaborates with a peer, or acts in their lives because of a shift in their thinking or something they’ve learned. I’ve always loved helping others and encouraging them to be better. I specifically remember coaching at a summer basketball camp while I was in high school and working with a young girl to improve her shot repeatedly during a lunch break. It wasn’t mundane to me; I saw the value of helping her connect the feeling to the form and then watching her improve in real time. I was hooked on teaching after that.

What do you love about international education?

I love international education because I am surrounded by incredible educators in a supportive learning community. The world truly gets smaller when you become an international teacher, the connections you form are deep and lasting. I’ve made friends and grown my family to include amazing people from all around the world. Professionally I am challenged and encouraged to push the boundaries in education. We get to teach the future of the world right now in classrooms around the globe.

Tell us about your education philosophy and your leadership style. What can the community expect?

I am a situational leader who highlights collaboration, empowerment, and ethics. At the heart of my philosophy is connecting and building relationships with people. I am able to ebb and flow between different people and see their perspectives while not losing sight of the vision and purpose of a school–student learning and development.

What excites you about your upcoming role at United Lisbon? What are your hopes?

I am excited about United Lisbon’s strong vision and an innovative and connected approach to education. I love that the school highly regards the development of students’ core values & skills to help each child thrive in and contribute to tomorrow’s world. I hope to cultivate a culture that works to promote holistic student learning with service learning in collaboration with the Lisbon community.

Any interesting story about you that you would like to share?  

​I started my international career at another ISS school, Dalian American International School in 2009. I have had the good fortune of working with strong leaders who believe in empowering their teachers to become the next generation of leaders. I am grateful to all my colleagues, mentors, and students who have taught me so much in my years of education. My career has truly come full circle in the ISS family.


We are grateful for the leadership and care Megan brings to every school community she is a part of. Wishing the entire Kuemmerlin family a happy transition to their new life in Lisbon this fall!

You can follow Megan on twitter for more updates. If you’re interested in pursuing a school leadership position, check out our current leadership searches or get in touch with the ISS Administrative Search Team.