A Welcome Home After 13 Years Abroad

Alasdair Maclean’s colorful international career includes chapters in China, India, and most recently, three years as Director of ISS-managed Independent Schools Riau (ISR). This summer, Alasdair and his family embarked on a new adventure: returning to New Zealand, the country they’ve always considered home even after more than a decade away. His children were born abroad and have never lived in New Zealand before this point, but they all received a warm welcome; as Alasdair becomes the new principal Fairfield School in Dunedin, he and his family were greeted with a powhiri, a ceremony to welcome someone becoming a member of the community. Read more about Alasdair’s career in the local Whanganui paper and enjoy photos of the family welcome, complete with traditional Maori hongi nose–to-nose greetings.

What inspired them to spend these years abroad? As Alasdair says simply in the article, “We loved it. We were originally only going for two years, but it was such an adventure – we felt like that wasn’t enough to really learn about the places we were living.”

Thank you for you many years of dedication to international education and the communities that you’ve served in, Alasdair. We’re wishing you and your family the best as you find home again in New Zealand!

You can continue to follow Alasdair’s journey through his twitter. To learn more about how ISS can help you find a leadership position at international school, see how the ISS Administrative Search Team can help.

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