Announcing ISS-Schrole Advantage

Collaboration is expected to create the largest ecosystem of international schools and educators.

Princeton, NJ, USA (April 4, 2018) –  International Schools Services (ISS) announces it is launching ISS-Schrole Advantage for the 2018-2019 recruitment season, in conjunction with Schrole Group Ltd. This collaboration is expected to significantly enhance the international school recruitment experience for both candidates and schools by combining advanced technology and personal service and creating the largest ecosystem of international schools and educators worldwide.

iss-schrole-advantage-logo“The desire to collaborate is in many ways in ISS’s DNA,” says ISS President Liz Duffy. “Since our inception in 1955, we have worked with partners of all types – educators, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government entities – to strengthen international education. With the adoption of ISS’s strategic plan, we have re-energized that early inclination to create meaningful partnerships. In the last 18 months, most of ISS’s core services have established new strategic partnerships to better serve the international school community. This new alliance with Schrole will do just that by making it easier for both candidates and schools to connect and make meaningful matches.”

ISS-Schrole Advantage is designed to bring more schools and more candidates together to find the best fits through a comprehensive set of tools and services, including dashboards and search functionalities, engaging apps, job fairs, webinars, and virtual events. ISS-Schrole Advantage will also feature simple pricing for schools and candidates, so users will know upfront exactly what they will pay for the entire recruitment season.

“We are pleased to create this alliance with Schrole because together, we can create a dynamic ecosystem that combines powerful technology and essential personal service, bringing more schools and more educators together,” says Duffy. “As ISC Research forecasts that by 2026 the demand for international teachers will rise by nearly 200%, it is now more critical than ever to ISS’s mission that we collaborate and innovate to help international education grow and thrive.”

Foundational programming for ISS-Schrole Advantage is well-underway to be ready for the 2018-19 recruitment season. In the next phase of this agile design process, ISS and Schrole developers will engage with more than 1000 candidates and educational leaders to help shape some of the new features and functionality and to maximize the user experience.

,About International Schools Services (ISS)

As a nonprofit organization, International Schools Services (ISS) works with more than 500 international schools and thousands of educators each year across its suite of services, creating the largest global footprint in international education support. Since its inception in 1955, ISS has launched and managed more than 100 international schools; placed approximately 50,000 educators; developed ground-breaking learning programs, such as the World Language Initiative and Level 5 Creativity & Innovation Hubs; processed about 15,000 school supply orders annually; and stewarded over 75 school foundations each year. With its headquarters in Princeton, NJ, USA and locations in China and the Middle East, ISS currently directly owns, operates, or manages nearly 20 international schools around the world and promotes innovation and best practices for global education through its core services that include founding and managing student-centered, future-oriented schools; recruiting world-class educators; providing cutting-edge professional learning opportunities; sourcing essential school supplies; and stewarding school foundations. ISS staff has extensive experience in all aspects of international education, with most senior leaders having served as Heads of Schools across a variety of continents. To learn more, please visit:

About Schrole Group LTD (ASX:SCL)

Schrole is an Australian educational technology company providing schools worldwide with innovative talent management solutions and consulting services to address staffing and recruitment challenges. Schrole is run by and for education professionals. Founded and managed by former principal Rob Graham, Schrole is passionate about helping schools secure the best teachers and save time on administrative processes, so they can focus on the important job of teaching the next generation. Schrole’s innovative solutions are currently being used by over 250 international and domestic schools in more than 40 countries worldwide. Schrole has three business units: Schrole Connect, an online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for efficient and effective recruitment of international school teachers; Schrole Cover, a cloud-based SaaS platform for the fast filling of casual staffing positions; and Schrole Develop, a training and consulting organisation that provides Australian-accredited leadership training and strategic consulting services to schools. To learn more please visit:

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