Webinar Series

Educators Supporting Educators: Transitions to Online Learning

Get insights, tips and resources from educators who have already transitioned to online learning. In this webinar series, ISS is bringing together educators who have been learning literally every day about how to quickly adapt their classroom teaching to new online learning environments.

Online Instructional Practices for Math & Science Webinar

May 13, 2020

In this webinar, we focused on instructional practices for math and science in online environments. International educators who have been teaching online since early 2020 helped facilitate our discussion. 

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Meet the Presenters

Stephanie Abel, MS Science Teacher (Grade 6) and Instructional Coach, Korea International School

Teaching Online Since February 2020

Stephanie Abel was an HS chemistry/biology teacher in the US for 6 years before transitioning to MS Science 5 years ago when she came to Korea International School. Additionally, for the past two years, Stephanie has been both a grade 6 science teacher and an instructional coach, giving her the opportunity to support K-12 curriculum and instruction. At both the MS and HS levels, Stephanie has been dedicated to helping students find joy in doing science by modeling her own passion for learning, whether it be by being a classroom teacher, varsity cheerleading coach or a G6 Advisor who is committed to meeting students where they are.

Jill Broderick, Grade 7 Math Teacher, Grade 8 STEMinar; K-12 Computational Thinking Advisor, The American School in London

Teaching Online Since March 2020

Jill Broderick is passionate about using technology to support equity, flexibility, and creativity in math. She is a “Google for Education Certified Innovator” who is striving to change the narrative of math education, having 11 years of experience teaching MS math. Outside the classroom, she enjoys reading, trivia, travel, and hanging out with her sausage dog, Ispíní von Weenie.

Lauren Bowers, K-12 Science Instructional Coach, American School of Dubai

Teaching Online Since March 2020

Lauren Bowers is a lover of all things science with a passion for the NGSS Framework and the wonder it brings to students and teachers. She taught a variety of high school science courses for over 10 years prior to becoming a K-12 science coach this school year. Lauren will be pursuing her PhD in science education starting in the fall.

Andrew Harnett, Grade 3 Teacher, Hong Kong International School

Teaching Online Since February 2020

Andrew Harnett has been an international educator and Educational Technology presenter for over 10 years. He has been teaching elementary grades for the past seven years and loving every minute of it. He has a joi de vi and optimist at his core.

Ann-Marie Torres, Grade 5 and 8 Math, Grade 5/6 Social Studies Teacher, Independent Schools Riau

Teaching Online Since March 2020

Ann-Marie has been teaching at ISR for the last 5 years where she has taught math for grades 2, 3, 5-8, as well as upper elementary social studies. During this time, Ann-Marie has supported her colleagues, parents, and students with making math accessible. Having been an educator for 17 years, in addition to Ann-Marie’s passion to share her love for math, she also had the pleasure of coaching colleagues as an Instructional Technology Specialist.