Webinar Series

Educators Supporting Educators: Transitions to Online Learning

Get insights, tips and resources from educators who have already transitioned to online learning. In this webinar series, ISS is bringing together educators who have been learning literally every day about how to quickly adapt their classroom teaching to new online learning environments.

Inclusive Virtual Learning Practices for Diverse Learners Webinar

April 22, 2020

In our fifth webinar series, we focused on inclusive virtual learning practices for diverse learners. International educators who have been teaching online since early 2020 helped facilitate this discussion.

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Meet the Presenters

Matt Barker, HS Learning Support Teacher

Teaching Online Since March 2020

Matt is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer who is a passionate advocate of inclusive practices for diverse learners. He currently works as a High School learning support teacher at International School Bangkok. He is also a workshop leader for the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Matt takes a pragmatic approach to virtual learning and ensures that he harnesses student voice and agency in his online classes.

Lori Boll, Executive Director, SENIA & Intensive Needs Teacher

Teaching Online Since March 2020

Lori is the Executive Director of SENIA (Special Education Network and Inclusion Association) and the intensive needs teacher at ISB. Lori is a parent of a son with severe autism and has been balancing teaching her own students online for the last 6 weeks and supporting him during this time.

Diane Foudy, Grade One Learning Support Teacher

Teaching Online Since March 2020

Diane has served as the Learning Support Teacher for grade one at ISKL for the past six years, following many years in the role of classroom teacher K-2. Online learning has presented her with many opportunities to learn new technology skills that help her support students who are learning at home. She is challenged with balancing core curriculum learning targets with students’ individualized success plan goals.

Erin Madonna, Upper Primary Learning Support Teacher

Teaching Online Since February 2020

Currently, Erin is the Upper Primary Learning Support Specialist at Shekou International School where she has been a part of the team developing the school’s inaugural Learning Support program. Next school year, Erin will join International School Bangkok as a K/1 Learning Support and EAL teacher. While online school has presented a steep learning curve, Erin has enjoyed the opportunity to co-create fully personalized learning experiences for her students.

Elaine Yandeau, Speech Language Pathologist

Teaching Online Since March 2020

Elaine is a Speech Language Pathologist and Learning Support Teacher at Yokohama International School for nine years and was a former kindergarten teacher. She is a trainer for the Lidcombe Program, a behavioral program for young children who stutter. She has been doing teletherapy for a number of years.