Webinar Series

School Management Series: Practical Transitions

Get insights, tips and resources from educators and experts who are navigating the initial transition to online learning and then plans to return to campus. In this webinar series, ISS is bringing together professionals who can share their experiences and expertise to help other school leaders adapt to the changing situations.

Meet the Presenters

Professor Bracha Rager

Professor Rager is an expert in virology and immunology. She was the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Health, President of the Israel Society of Microbiology, a member of the Higher Council of Education and served on the Board of Directors of Teva Pharmaceutical. Prof. Rager conducted extensive research on mechanisms of defense against virus infections and cancer. She is a recipient of many prestigious awards and the author of numerous research papers.

Greg Smith

Greg Smith is the Head of School at Shekou International School and Vice President of ISS Asia Pacific. Greg has over 35 years of experience as an educator out of which 15 years as an international head of school. Greg recently led Shekou International School’s back to school strategy after the two months long Covid19 lockdown in China.

Dr. Sean Truman

Dr. Truman is the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Truman Group. The Truman Group provides psychological counseling to individuals and couples for a broad range of issues, and specialize in working with adolescents and children. They provide care for people across the globe, in combat zones in the Middle East, in major metropolitan areas, in the deserts of Northern Africa, and in the rain forests of Central America.