"Hopes and Dreams" Twitter chat

October 11, 2018

This past Wednesday, our #ISSedu community met for the first official twitter chat of the 2018-19 school year. We loved seeing educators from all around the world jump in and share resources and encouragement with each other! If you missed the chat, you can still find the questions on our page. You are more than welcome to respond to them and carry the discussion beyond the official hour.

Itching for another twitterchat? Save the date for Wednesday, November 7 -- we'll be starting a slowchat on agile spaces. In the meantime, enjoy just a few of the Wednesday highlights here!
Q1: Say hello to #ISSedu! Where in the world are you right now, and what do you teach? Highlight of your school year so far?

Q2:  What excites you about the year ahead? 

Q3: What new initiative, idea or curriculum are you hoping to explore this school year?

Q4:  Give a hand to another educator in the chat!  Look through the responses to Q3.  What resources would you recommend they check out? 

Q5:  What challenges do you anticipate encountering this year in your projects/initiatives, or more generally as an educator abroad?
Q6: Take a look through the responses to Q5.  Have any advice or encouragement for your fellow teachers? 

Q7:  How are you sharing your dreams and growth this year?

Q8. Who are you going to follow closely on Twitter this year? Any exciting projects or initiatives we should keep an eye on? 

Thank you again to all the educators that came together for the hour, and to all of you who are continuing the conversation. If you enjoyed perusing through these highlights, you're going to love joining a chat live. Hope to see you on November 7 for the agile spaces slowchat!