ISS Human Resources Society Introduced

An exclusive collaboration between a world leader on matters impacting workplaces and a global education leader, now brings opportunities for equity and raising HR practices and standards in international schools.

International Schools Services (ISS) and the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) signed a strategic exclusive collaboration agreement to provide support and career development opportunities to international schools professionals through the first ISS HR Professional Society. The Society supports Human Resources professionals, Head of Schools, Principals, Business Managers, and Operations Managers who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in HR matters. The society provides a platform to exchange ideas, share information, and network with other like-minded professionals from international schools around the world.

Both organizations believe this collaboration, which combines SHRM leadership and expertise in HR matters with ISS’s reputation and knowledge of developing and managing international schools, will support schools and their professionals to excel and provide high standard services to their communities.

We are thrilled to work with ISS to develop an HR community specifically designed to support international schools around the world in achieving their missions of providing quality education to the next generation. As the voice of all things work, worker, and the workplace, SHRM has the knowledge, expertise, resources, and network to help HR professionals and leaders at international schools create positive workplace cultures and practices that help schools attract and retain talent, upskill their staff, meet business objectives, and increase the quality of the education they provide. We look forward to further developing the partnership with ISS and serving the international school community.

George Rivera

Senior Vice President, SHRM Corporate and Enterprise Partnerships

The ISS HR Society provides access to SHRM’s membership benefits which includes thousands of customizable templates, policies, and forms for managing your workforce and education on core HR topics, a suite of interactive tools that help to perform essential HR functions quickly and efficiently, and exclusive additional services such as unlimited access to HR advice and extra special rates for fellows for ISS-SHRM seminars and certifications.

This exclusive collaboration also allows school leaders and HR professionals to gain globally recognized HR certifications through SHRM’s virtual platform with a cohort from other international schools.

“This is a timely collaboration. It is not only bringing together SHRM’s and ISS’s expertise and knowledge in assisting schools to improve HR practices. This collaboration is also the beginning of a change process for equity to enhance career development and growth for school support staff who have always been overlooked. We are very proud to lead this much-needed change with SHRM’s assistance”. Says Dr. Yael Cass ISS Director of School Operations

Together we make better workplaces and a world of difference!