LEVEL 5 Creativity & Innovation Hub

LEVEL 5 offers an eclectic range of professional learning opportunities and creative experiences aimed at scaling educational reform in schools. Teachers, parents and students have an opportunity to participate in a range of workshops throughout the academic year at two locations.

Sparks that create change

LEVEL 5 features an agile floor plan, the latest in creative tools, and cutting-edge facilitators, all designed to promote promotes innovation through practical exploration of contemporary pedagogies. It is an exciting place to explore and try new things, with discoveries and concepts that then can be taken back to the classroom or school.

From the Leadership Series to the Spark Sessions to Maker Sessions, there is a workshop that will interest, ignite and inspire you!

Idea-Sharing Events

The event calendar is filled with enriching events like TeachMeet. A TeachMeet is an organized but informal meeting for teachers and leaders to share best practices, teaching innovations and personal experiences of teaching. The vibe is energetic as educators share, network and learn from peers about ways to enhance classroom practice.

Hands-On Activities

Graffiti art, cardboard challenges, robotics, gaming design and more all are rooted in unleashing your hidden creativity and fostering innovation. In these workshops, typically no advance skill is required, and participants collaborate and create their masterpieces through fun, hands-on workshops.

Provocative, Informative Sessions

Covering a span of issues from co-teaching to inclusion to learner agency, these Spark Sessions and Leadership Series events, led by experts, deliver insightful guidance on how to successful navigate the important but complex issues in the classroom and school community. These high-value sessions provide a deeper context and understanding of the topic, frameworks and toolkits, and of course, meaningful dialogue. Sessions are carefully outlined so you know who it is for, what you will do, and what you will walk away with, ready to take back to your own educational setting.


LEVEL 5, China

Located in Shenzhen, China, this well-visited LEVEL 5 serves a multitude of schools and educators from across SE Asia.

LEVEL 5, Bahrain

Our newest LEVEL 5 is located in Riffa, Bahrain. The vision, design and overall planning of this brand-new facility emerged from an incredible sprint of design sessions with students, faculty, parents and other community members.

Change is all around

There has never been a better time to be teaching and learning. All around the world, innovative education models are blurring the lines between home, school, community, and industry. ISS is seeing universities create new admissions pathways, employers ditching degree and score requirements, and students engaging in high level entrepreneurial activities while at school. And as we’re seeing the world change, we grow all the more excited to see how the community leverages LEVEL 5 to explode the traditional classroom model and explore learning innovation.

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