International Education Training Center (IETC)

Culturally Responsive Professional Development for All Teachers

As demand for international education increases around the world, school demographics are shifting to have greater representation in host country nationals. While schools continue to recruit overseas teachers with western trained pedagogy and experience, more and more are recognizing the need for greater diversity to address local needs. Resident educators have natural insight and alignment with host country national children–their culture, language and history–and therefore have valuable contributions that schools want and need to leverage and incorporate. However, there are scarce international opportunities for professional development that effectively address the local educator’s perspective and needs.

In 2015, ISS-ULink responded to this need with the creation of the International Education Training Center (IETC). IETC is the only professional development program especially designed for teachers with little to no exposure to research-based best practice training to further expand their learning of teaching. The program was honed in the dynamic learning laboratories of ISS China-based schools for national students.

IETC builds a common understanding of teaching and learning amongst all teachers – national and/or international. The provision of this common language allows for the professional dialogue and collegiality needed to truly develop every culturally inclusive school into a powerful learning-based institution.

IETC provides tailored professional development training to support teachers in China and other countries, to internationalize best instructional practices by:

  • Scaffolding best practice, based on research theory and presented in the local context
  • Adopting more student-centered inquiry and problem-solving activities
  • Applying innovative and flexible strategies for curriculum delivery to better meet the needs of students
  • Providing students with 21st century skills

International Education Training Center (IETC) serves educators from public, private and international schools seeking research-based best practice professional development, and is committed to continuously refining and improving the training model through the process of Research – Practice – Application. It offers the only Certificate of International Pedagogy, which consists of three required foundational courses and one pre-selected elective course. The certificate will recognize engagement in training designed particularly for teachers working or intending to work in international education contexts. Additionally, participants have the option of obtaining approved graduate credit at an additional cost from the State University of New York (SUNY), where courses may be transferable to their SUNY Buffalo State degree and certificate programs.

IETC Certificate Of International Teaching Pedagogy

Required Foundational Courses

  • ECLT: Effective Instructional Strategies for Communicative Language Teaching
  • CECL: Creating and Sustaining an Engaged Culture of Learning
  • AFLT: Assessment that Facilitates Learning and Teaching

Cohort Elective Options

  • Balanced Literacy Development – Reading & Writing Essentials I
  • Data Analysis that Informs Instruction
  • Balanced Literacy Development – Reading and Writing Essentials — II

Foundational Course Synopsis

ECLT: Effective Instructional Strategies for Communicative Language Teaching

It will focus on effective strategies for the “Communicative Approach” to language learning, which incorporates student-centered inquiry and problem-solving approaches. The course also applies to subject teachers, as language is the conduit to the content.

CECL: Creating and Sustaining an Engaged Culture of Learning

Examines various ways to create an effective learning culture that engages students in the learning content and process.

AFLT: Assessment that Facilitates Learning and Teaching

Will focus on developing a deliberative feedback analysis approach that aligns curriculum, instruction and assessment through planning in order to improve student learning.

For more information on the Certificate Program and its courses, download the Program Brochure.

Course Registration Information

  1. Email with the course name and your personal/contact information.
  2. A registration form will be sent to you via email. Each participant must complete an individual registration form.
  3. Seat confirmation upon receipt of full payment by stated deadline. Space availability: first come first serve basis.
  4. Course materials will be sent to participants electronically two weeks before start of course. Laptop computer will be required for all participants.

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