Dr. Watts Top 10 PD Workshops for Teachers to Take Over School Break

Dr. Dana Specker Watts, ISS Director of Learning, Research, & Outreach, outlines her top 10 ISS EDUlearn® professional development workshops that teachers can take over school break.

Over the next few weeks as school grounds quiet down a little, and we begin to think about the upcoming year, you may find yourself starting to scroll for some quick professional learning to energize your soul and creativity. If that’s the case, here are my top 10 picks for on-demand, self-paced learning. Most of these following courses provide 1-2 hours of session watch time, offering valuable learning to keep sparking your inspiration, while also ensuring there’s plenty of time to enjoy your well-deserved school break rest and relaxation!

School Management & Operations

Admissions 2.0: Designing the Experience of Your School

WHY? Every school should take this course because first impressions (and every impression after that) matters! This webinar was facilitated by our friends at Yellow Car. It is a must-view for anyone looking to revolutionize their school’s admissions process with cutting-edge strategies that enhance applicant experience and increase engagement.


Fiscal Fitness: Building a Strong Financial Foundation for Schools

WHY? I think I speak for many school leaders when I say that financial knowledge was not at the forefront of my degree(s) in education. In this course, Deidre Fischer guides you through ways to strengthen your school’s financial health through robust planning and management strategies that ensure sustainability and growth.


Getting Started with K-12 Data Analytics

WHY? This is the type of course we all need, but never make time for during the school year. Why are we collecting data if we don’t understand all the ways we can use it? Matt Kelsey and Ken Simonds dive into data analytics to drive decision-making and improve educational outcomes through measurable insights.


Generative AI

Immersive Experiences: Bringing Learning to Life with VR and AR

WHY? As a techie, this is one massive area of growth for me. Join Hao Zhai as he utilizes virtual and augmented reality to transform traditional learning environments into dynamic and interactive experiences.


Preparing Secondary Students for a Technologically-Driven Future

WHY? If we aren’t using AI, our students will with out us. It is our job as educators to equip students with critical tech skills and digital literacy necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving global job market. Join Mark Elroy as he shares the latest developments in AI in our secondary schools.


Sparking Productivity, Creativity, and Learning with Generative AI in the Elementary

WHY? The best way to protect students from harm, is to empower them. In this course Tess Montenarello showcases ways to introduce young learners to the wonders of AI, enhancing creativity and productivity through engaging and innovative tools.


Streamlined Success: Optimizing and Automating Generative AI in Education

WHY? Learning from Pascal Vallet is like drinking from a fountain hose. In this workshop, Pascal shares ways you can optimize your educational practices with AI, automating routine tasks and freeing up resources for more personalized teaching.



Identity Matters: Fostering Inclusive Learning Environments

WHY? Anytime you have a chance to learn with Ceci Gomez-Galvez, Daniel Wickner, and Darnell Fine – take it! This course combines the expertise of three of our leading DEI experts as they showcase ways to create a welcoming school culture that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusion for all students.


Culturally Responsive AI: Integrating Generative AI into Curriculum and Learning

WHY? If we are going to talk about AI in schools, every conversation should include our Directors of Learning and school leaders. They are essential to these conversations. Join Liz Cho and Todd Sills and harness the power of AI to tailor educational content that respects and reflects diverse cultural backgrounds, preparing students for a globalized future.


The Power of Inclusive Leadership: Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Belonging

WHY? As much as our schools try to be inclusive, too often we are leaving some of the most important voices out of conversations. Come learn how to lead by example with Joel Llaban, Azra Pathan, and Ika Azwa Muzamal and build an inclusive environment that empowers all stakeholders in your school community.


School Break Reminder: BONUS

Unplugged & Present: Being in the Moment Without a Screen

WHY? It is school break! We all need to embrace our digital wellness by encouraging mindfulness and presence and reducing screen time to improve mental health and interpersonal connections.


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