Coral and Ennis Johnson: Ready for Dubai

Say hello to Coral and Ennis Johnson! This wonderful couple came to the San Francisco February 2019 job fair — by the end of the event, we had the joy of celebrating with them as they accepted a new chapter for their family in the Middle East.

At the American School of Dubai, Coral will be a Learning Support Specialist and Ennis will be a Technology Teacher. Read their story below, and enjoy a video interview taken at the fair as well!

Hello Coral and Ennis! Please introduce yourself and describe why you wanted to teach overseas. What was the compelling call or story behind it?
Coral: Hello all! My name is Coral Johnson an island girl from the Bahamas, that has been living in the USA since graduating from an private American University. My parents have always instilled me a sense of adventure and a love for different culture and people. Wherever they went my siblings and I were usually in tow enjoying every experience. As life progressed, I knew I wanted to travel and what better way than to do what I love (teach) and…do what I love (travel). I knew I wanted my children to have the experiences I had, be globally-minded, and understand than the world is without borders. Teaching overseas just seemed like the best and most amazing fit.

Ennis: I am Ennis Johnson. I am originally from Memphis, TN. I moved to Fort Worth, TX to finish school and become a teacher. My wife and I choose to go on this adventure to teach overseas because we wanted to have a worldwide view of education and we also wanted our children to experience life around the world. 2018 was a very challenging year. The most challenging year of my life. It was time to make a drastic change.

What inspired you to sign up with a service like ISS, and how has your experience been?​
Ennis: ​​A close friend of mine had started up a vlog about Teaching Abroad. ISS was one of the services that she highly recommended and it was affordable. The experience has been amazing. I have been to 2 fairs and attended 1 iFair. I have gotten interviews from each fair. The process was very stressful but with an open mind and resilience, it became a success.

Coral: We went to a couple of fairs around the country and had the best experience. The ISS staff were encouraging, and had lots of information to give us as we navigated these new and exciting waters.

What excites you most about your new role and/or school?
Coral: ​​The most exciting thing about my new role is my ability to have many resources that I presently don’t have. The staff at my new school have already reached out to ask what I need which immediately reinforced my idea that this was the right fit. They were accepting of my family and hired both my husband and I, and even are allowing my children on this journey to attend the school as well. The right fit was family oriented – a school that could accommodate not just me and my qualifications, but also my husband’s qualifications and somewhere for my children and American School of Dubai provides that.

Ennis: ​​I am most excited about the country and the mission of the school. I feel highly wanted and I love the staff that we have met thus far. Based on multiple interviews and possible offers, this offer rang loud and clear. The timing was perfect and the school had the best positions and benefits for me and my family.

What research did you do before accepting your job? And what advice would you give to educators looking to recruit overseas for the first time?

Ennis: I researched various schools including this one, and the country. Be open-minded and resilient.

Coral: ​​We had talked to numerous people and looked over the website multiple times before accepting the job. We are presently still doing research, and I’m suren it’ll be never-ending for awhile before we leave.​ When we started this journey the UAE was not neccessarily on our radar. We actually wanted to go anywhere in Africa, but Dubai found my CV on the ISS database and contacted me. My first skype interview I loved the principal. She was awesome and the school sounded like the perfect place for my family. I would also tell educators to enjoy the process. It can definitely be a roller coaster ride, but it’s so fun, exciting and exhilirating as you meet so many people that are on this ride with you.


Many thanks for sharing your story, Coral and Ennis! We’re so grateful to be part of your journey, and look forward to everything ahead of your family in Dubai. 

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