Gina Lappé: Updates from Jeju

“We made it!”

At the very beginning of this year, Gina shared her journey to accepting a new position as a middle school science teacher at St. Johnsbury Academy, Jeju in South Korea. Teaching overseas had been a dream of Gina’s for the past six years — this fall, we were so excited to see her officially make the move from North Carolina to South Korea! Along the way, Gina and her husband have been sharing fantastic snapshots into what the transition and the new life they are finding for themselves looks like. She’s offered to share some of these posts to update her ISS journey — we’re sharing some of our favorite highlights here, but you can find her whole story at @GinaLappe.


The leap
“After 7 incredible weeks touring national parks and spending time with friends and family, John and I have landed at or new home in Jeju, South Korea. We could not be more excited and I could not be more thankful to have such an amazing, loving, thoughtful and kind partner by my side”

“As I head into my first day of new staff training today I am feeling a little nervous about taking on so much new all at once, a little homesick for my school family, and grateful that I lugged this yoga mat around the world. Our first week here on Jeju island has been a wonderful adventure.”Transition-collage.png

“Things get underway for real today! Feeling excited to get into my new classroom and start planning for a totally new group of kiddos!”


When Gina accepted the position at St. Johnsbury, she was excited for the opportunity to work in the new and well-resourced science department. She’s been keeping her students busy illustrating scale models of the solar system, collecting weather data and pond observations, understanding wind and density, and more! You can find her classroom updates at @lappe_labs.

No update would be complete without a look into the delicious food adventures that come with moving to a new country.

The island
When we caught up with Gina before the move, she shared how important nature and hiking are to her and her husband. They looked forward to outdoor adventures Jeju would offer — and its landscape has not disappointed!:

“Super fun day out exploring the island. Our tiny car just made our world a lot bigger.”

Many thanks for sharing these fantastic updates, Gina. Our team is proud of you, and we’re so happy to see how you are enjoying Jeju and making the most of this new chapter. All the best to you and your husband as the school year goes on — we’re looking forward to seeing the journey continue!


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