Makerpedia: Global Cardboard Challenge

In these times of distance and virtual learning, students and educators around the world are connecting in innovative and uplifting ways. We’re excited to spotlight one particular opportunity to engage: the Global Cardboard Challenge. From now until April 15, you and other families all over the world are challenged to create an arcade game out of cardboard, scissors and tape!

Share your progress and final game on the collaborative video sharing website/app Flipgrid, with the link to the official challenge board here.  You can already jump in to introduce your team and submit designs by April 15th. This challenge is hosted in partnership with the University of San Diego and Makerpedia, an initiative led by teaching couple Tess Monte and Pieter Verduijn of the International School of Aruba.

“As an educator, it is my job to make my students feel safe, happy and loved. That job doesn’t stop when schools are closed,” writes Tess Monte. “The Global Cardboard Challenge is a chance for families to find peace, positivity and fun in such trying times. There is no better way to do that than connecting to your inner child! Right now, the world needs a chance for creative play with the ones they love. “

The more families that join, whether at ISS schools or beyond, the more creativity and connection we all get to share in. Spread the word with as many people as you can, and have fun making!

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The Global Cardboard Challenge is inspired by a cardboard arcade created by then 9-year-old Caine Monroy out of boxes and everyday objects. Caine ran his arcade from his father’s auto parts store in East Los Angeles in 2011. Learn more about his creativity and the movement it launched below:

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