Innovative Professional Learning at LEVEL 5

After completely transforming this space at Riffa Views International School (RVIS), we are thrilled to share the new LEVEL 5 Bahrain is in action!

“It’s been phenomenal working with both the RVIS and the wider community to design, fit-out and build the schedule of events for LEVEL 5 Bahrain’s opening. Without their support and help through the process, we wouldn’t have this beautiful space and the passionate educators and student that have already been filling it!”Luke Meinen, Manager of LEVEL 5 Bahrain

LEVEL 5 Bahrain now joins the original LEVEL 5 China in sparking creativity and innovation with agile floor plans, an eclectic range of design tools, and professional learning that’s like no other. Register today for this season’s LEVEL 5 workshops and unique learning experiences!

To get you started, here are two upcoming events at LEVEL 5 Bahrain you won’t want to miss:

Upcoming Events at LEVEL 5 China

It all began at the original LEVEL 5 China, and today, the Shenzhen site’s drive to create, innovate, and inspire is stronger than ever. Based at Shekou International School, the 2019-20 lineup of workshops invites you to explore learner agency, VEX robotics, digital pedagogy, and much more. Event offerings have expanded this year to also include Maker Workshops, Spark Sessions, and a new Leadership Series.

Upcoming Shenzhen Events:

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