2020-21 Leadership Changes at LEVEL 5

As the 2019-20 school year nears its end, we’d like to thank two leaders transitioning from their roles at our agile spaces LEVEL 5 Bahrain and LEVEL 5 China; plus, we welcome a new Director to the team.

Luke Meinen, LEVEL 5 Bahrain

Luke Meinen will be transitioning out of his role as Director of LEVEL 5, Bahrain. Luke has done an outstanding job establishing the design and program for LEVEL 5, and his hard work has made a significant impact on education in the MENA region. As he moves to a position at Cayman International School next school year, we feel lucky to keep him in the family of ISS schools. Follow @luke_meinen_ for updates on innovation, Maker education, and more.


Amanda DeCardy (right), LEVEL 5 China


Amanda DeCardy will also be moving from her role as Director of LEVEL 5, China, where she’s done a fantastic job of connecting the SIS community and building new partnerships within Shenzhen. We will greatly miss her positive outlook and pedagogical expertise, but wish her the best as she starts a new exciting chapter in Delhi, India! If you’re interested in learning more about online learning, assessment strategies and more, follow her journey at @adecardy.

Jodi Gratman, upcoming Director of LEVEL 5 Bahrain

We’re also excited to announce Jodi Gratman will be joining us as new the Director of LEVEL 5, Bahrain. Jodi is currently the Assistant Principal at the American International School in Abu Dhabi. She brings a wealth of experience in creating collaborative communities that reach beyond the traditional four walls of the classroom. We know she’ll be a huge asset to both ISS and RVIS, and we cannot wait to have her aboard!

Carlene Hamley, upcoming Director of LEVEL 5 China

In addition to other ISS responsibilities, Carlene Hamley will be assuming the role of Director of LEVEL 5, China. Carlene is currently based in the Asia-Pacific office in Shenzhen, China where she has spent more than a decade. Read more about Carlene.
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