#ISSedu Twitter Chat: Empathy to Action

At the October 16 #ISSedu Twitter Chat, we explored how students, educators, and schools can move from ‘Empathy to Action’ with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Developed in conjunction with Kevin O’Shea and Nathan Lill from Shekou International School, this chat focused on the practical and authentic ways to engage with the SDGs. Thank you to all who joined!

Learn more about the UN’s SDGs here with the SDG chat padlet. We’ve also collected a few highlights of the chat below for you to enjoy even if you couldn’t make the hour:

Q1. Why is action in regards to the SDGs important to PK12 schools?

Q2: Which SDGs are most relevant to your students, school or context? Are some more applicable than others?

Q3: What are some inspiring examples of student, teacher or school run initiatives from across PK12 settings?

Q4: Considering SDG Goal 17 – Partnerships, what partnerships between school and communities have you fostered or could be developed?

Q5: How can we measure the impact of initiatives run in our schools?

Q6: How can we inspire students without burdening them with the weight of potential issues in regards to the SDGs?

Q7: How can #ISSedu schools more effectively connect and share their engagement with the SDGs?

Q8: Who should we follow, or what resources should we connect with in terms of learning more about practical application of the SDGs?

Thank you all who joined the chat and engaged on such an important topic! We’re very grateful to @MadForMaple & @NathanLill1 of #SISrocks for their help developing the chat. They both are doing great work in their school and community, so be sure to follow.
The questions are still open, and our hope is for this discussions to continue far beyond the hour. See you on #ISSedu!
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