Living Abroad: #ISSedu Twitter Chat

This Wednesday, our #ISSedu community came together to discuss a topic integral to international education: the experience of living abroad. We loved seeing educators from all around the world jump in and share resources, stories, shawarma spots, and encouragement with each other!

(Inspired by the topic and ready to find your own teach abroad journey? There’s still time to register for the San Francisco February 7-10, 2019 job fair. It’s the last in-person recruiting event of the season and a wonderful opportunity to interview with school recruiters and take your teaching career abroad! More info about our fairs here.)

In the meantime, enjoy highlights from Wednesday’s chat. We really appreciate all who joined in, and we wish we could include all the posts and delightful tangents in the following recap. To keep this resource a little more streamlined, this will just be a little taste of the reflections and helpful advice shared. You can still find the questions on our page and scroll through #ISSedu to see the posts in their entiriety. Though the official hour is over, we’d love for you to respond and carry the discussion onwards.

On to the recap!

Before the official questions began, we shared brief introductions and experience living abroad;
our educators came from a great mix of background, location, and years abroad



Q1: What excites you most about moving to a new country and school? 


Q2: Share something new you tried as a result of moving internationally that you wouldn’t have seen yourself doing before.


Q3: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced moving to a new country and international school?

Q4: Have you experienced culture shock after moving abroad? If so, what did that look like for you?

 Q5: What helps you feel “at home” in a new country? How have you found community in unfamiliar places?

Q6: How did someone help you when you moved abroad? Give them a shoutout if they’re on Twitter!
(Note: there were many more personal shoutouts than we can include here. This is a community full of gratitude, and we love it!)

Q7. What advice do you have for first-timers moving abroad to a new country and international school?

We closed the chat with an open call for any last questions about living abroad. You are still more than welcome to ask away on that thread! The #ISSedu family is ready to jump in and help. And remember, the San Francisco February 2019 international job fair is just around the corner — learn more and register today.

Thanks again to all who joined us in the chat today, and to all considering life abroad, we hope this has been helpful!

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