Let Your Voice Be Heard

International schools strive to develop students into thoughtful global citizens, who know that their voices and actions can impact the future. As these students’ leaders, mentors, and educators, let’s demonstrate this truth ourselves with something as simple — and profound — as exercising our right to vote.

You may live far from your home country, but your civic engagement can cross land and sea! The resources below for voting as an expatriate pertain to US citizens, but we encourage everyone to research their expatriate voting rights.

US: Where to start, and tips
  • On your smartphone or computer, request your absentee ballot from votefromabroad.org
  • Act sooner rather than later, as requests for mail-in ballots may spike and overwhelm election officials
  • Be informed about candidates’ positions through BallotReady
  • Democracy is strengthened by high voter turnout. You can help others register through When We All Vote


Looking Ahead

This year has been one of both intense challenges and triumphs for the global community. As we look towards the horizon together, we each hold power to shape what still lies ahead. Thank you for voting, spreading the word, and making a world of difference!

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