Inclusive Learning: #ISSedu Twitter Chat

For our March #ISSedu Twitter Chat, our community of global educators came together to discuss reflections, strategies, and resources around the topic of Inclusive Learning.

As in all of our chat recaps, we wish we could include everything posted in the wonderful hour of discussion! But to keep this resource a little more streamlined, this blog will pull out highlight reflections and helpful resources shared. One more note before we dive into the recap: special thanks to Erin Madonna from SIS for her invaluable help and expertise in creating and guiding this chat. She's a wonderful thinker, resource, and encouragement to her students and fellow global educators. Thank you Erin!

Let's get started! Q1: “Inclusion” is a broad term that’s significant in many ways. What does it mean to you in your context?

Q2: What are some tangible benefits of an inclusive school culture?

Q3: What are some simple practical ways that a teacher could become more inclusive, starting tomorrow?

Q4: In what areas do you see the greatest need for you or your school to make strides in inclusivity?

Q5: What resources do you rely on when designing your inclusive classroom? (think Systematic, Human, Physical or Digital)

Q6: How can school leaders promote a school-level culture of inclusion through practice or principal? 

Q7: Where have you seen a great example of an inclusive practice or culture? Shoutouts, photos, or linked resources appreciated

Q8: Reflecting on today’s conversation, what are you inspired to try or explore next in terms of inclusion?

Thank you all for joining!  Though the official hour is over, we'd love for you to respond and carry the discussion onwards using the prompts that are still on our @ISSCommunity page. Inspired by the #ISSedu family of global educators and ready to find your teach abroad journey? There's still time to register for the March 16 iFair®. The virtual job fair is the very last recruiting event of the 2018-19 season and a wonderful opportunity to interview with school recruiters from the comfort of your home! More info over here.

And a few closing post-chat messages that just spoke to what this community is all about:

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